George Soros
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George Soros
Arseniy Yatsenyuk is Ukraine's illegitimate US-installed prime minister. Mocking the office he holds. More on him below.

George Soros is a world-class corporate predator. Making money the old-fashioned way.

Unconcerned about enormous harm he causes. Plundering nations for profit.

Once saying "(a)s a market participant, I don't need to be concerned with the consequences of my actions."

Earning billions from rogue investing. Causing havoc worldwide. Anything for a buck, he believes.

Imperial wars benefit him greatly. So do plums like Ukraine. Low-hanging fruit. Ripe for plunder.

On November 20, 2014, New York Review of Books editors published what no responsible ones would touch.

Soros twisted truth and then some. Headlining "Wake Up, Europe." A litany of Big Lies followed.
"Europe is facing a challenge from Russia to its very existence," he hyperventilated.

"Neither the European leaders nor their citizens are fully aware of this challenge or know how best to deal with it."

Russian "force...manifests itself in repression at home and aggression abroad, as opposed to the rule of law."

"(T)aking advantage of" its Western partners. "Violating its treaty obligations...(A)nnexed Crimea. (E)stablished separatist enclaves in eastern Ukraine."

"(I)nvaded Ukraine...(D)estroyed several hundred (Ukrainian) armored vehicles, a substantial portion of its fighting force."
Fact: Russia threatens no one.

Fact: Putin values cooperative relations with all nations.

Fact: He deplores war.

Fact: Goes all out for resolving conflicts peacefully. Diplomatically. Fairly for all sides.

Fact: He committed no aggression. Intends none.

Fact: Takes advantage of no one.

Fact: Violates no treaty obligations.

Fact: Didn't invade Ukraine. Or attack its military.

Fact: Didn't annex Crimea. Reversed a historic mistake. Obliged near unanimous popular Crimean will to return to Russia.

Fact: Has no revanchist ambitions.

More Big Lies infested Soros' diatribe. Polar opposite hard truths. Ones he conveniently ignores. Russia bashing substitutes.

He a notorious longstanding Russia hater. Working closely with US-funded anti-democratic NGOs.

Including the National Endowment for Democracy. International Republican Institute. National Institute for International Affairs. Freedom House. Among others.

The Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014 authorizes the Secretary of State to "directly or through non-governmental or international organizations (act to) improve democratic governance, transparency, accountability, rule of law, and anti-corruption efforts in the Russian Federation..."

"(S)trengthen democratic institutions and political and civil society organizations in the Russian Federation...:

"(E)xpand uncensored Internet access in the Russian Federation..."

In other words, launch color revolution destabilization activities aimed at ousting Russia's government. Replacing its officials with pro-Western stooges.

Making Russia look like Ukraine. Or other repressive US-controlled colonies. It bares repeating what other articles stressed.

Democracy is America's most dangerous export. Values free societies cherish are verboten.

Ones Soros deplores. Wanting unconstrained freedom to plunder for maximum profits. Complicit with corrupt officials. Benefiting from human misery.

Soros praises what he calls "the new Ukraine." Ignoring US-installed fascist putschists running things.

Installed by coup d'etat. Ousting Ukraine's democratically elected government.

Calling Maidan's coup legitimate "resistance." Calling Western-enlisted and trained thugs responsible for killing police and civilians "the cream of (Ukrainian) civil society."

"(A)damantly opposed to a return of the 'old Ukraine..." Having "to contend with Russian aggression..."

"In the absence of unified resistance it is unrealistic to expect that Putin will stop pushing beyond Ukraine when the division of Europe and its domination by Russia is in sight."

"The new Ukraine has the political will both to defend Europe against Russian aggression and to engage in radical structural reforms."

Meaning IMF diktats strip-mining countries for profit. Turning workers into serfs. Leaving millions without jobs entirely. On their own sink or swim.

Soros' "new Ukraine" isn't fit to live in. No responsible editor would publish his pro-business/anti-populist/anti-democratic litany of Big Lies. Beginning-to-end rubbish.

"European (nations need) to wake up and behave (like they're) indirectly at war," he claims. What levelheaded person accepts this nonsense.

Let alone most European leaders valuing normalized relations with Russia. Bullied by Washington to adopt policies harming their self-interest. Perhaps only for so long.

Soros is a world-class predator. Cashing in irresponsibly. Profiting from human misery.

Soros-style philanthropy is rape and pillage. Allying with illegitimate Ukrainian putschists.

On Sunday, he arrived in Kiev. According to Ukrainian media reports. Plans meetings with parliamentarians. Other Ukrainian officials.

Further details aren't known. Parliamentary foreign affairs committee chairperson Hanna Hopko mentioned his arrival.

He visited Ukraine last fall. Met with Kiev officials. Helped finance Kiev's 2004 Orange Revolution. Its 2.0 incarnation last February.

Remains very much involved in Ukraine's internal affairs. His money influences policy.

Works with illegitimate president Poroshenko and prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. US-anointed fascists running things.

Both men shaming the positions they hold. Poroshenko a billionaire crook. Yatsenyuk a caricature of a leader.

Irresponsibly reinventing history. Shocked German ARD TV viewers last Thursday.

Astonishingly claimed "all of us still clearly remember the Soviet invasion into Ukraine and Germany."
"We need to avoid (repeating) it. Nobody has the right to rewrite the results of the Second World War. Russia's President Putin is trying to do exactly this."
On June 22, 1941, around four million Wehrmacht troops invaded Soviet Russia along multiple fronts.

Along with forces from Finland, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia and Western Ukraine.

Called the largest invasion in the history of warfare. Driven by Hitler's quest for lebensraum. His obsession to conquer his Soviet adversary.

Fascists running Ukraine resemble their Nazi predecessors. Berlin wants Thursday's embarrassing incident forgotten. Merkel won't comment.

Moscow wants Berlin to clarity its position on Yatsenyuk's Big Lie. Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Titov said:

"We have sent a note to the German Foreign Ministry requesting its official position regarding extremist remarks made by Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, which distort history."

Russian lower house State Duma International Affairs Committee head Aleksey Pushkov said:
"Yatsenyuk has finally gone off his rocker. After his statement regarding 'the Soviet invasion into Germany and Ukraine' during the Second World War, one can't take him seriously."
He's one of many Obama neo-Nazi Ukrainian friends. One fascist regime supports another.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at