© Setfia The shark has 300 razor sharp teeth and can grow up to 2 metres long
The two-metre long fish - known as a frilled shark - was captured near Lakes Entrance in Victoria

A terrifying prehistoric shark which has 300 razor sharp teeth has been caught by a group of fishermen in Australia.

The bizarre-looking creature was captured by the bemused fishermen near Lakes Entrance in Victoria.

The dark brown two-metre long fish is a frilled shark, which is also known as the 'living fossil'.

© SetfiaThe fishermen had no idea what they had captured
Its origin dates back 80 million years and is only one of two species still alive. It is also believed to be the first time a human has seen the fish alive.

Simon Boag, from the South East Trawl Fishing Association (SETFA) said the group of fishermen had not idea what they had caught.

Speaking to ABC News, he said: "It has 300 teeth over 25 rows, so once you're in that mouth, you're not coming out.

"Good for dentists, but it is a freaky thing. I don't think you would want to show it to little children before they went to bed."

The shark captured in 700 metres deep of water, which is unusual because they normally are found at 1,500 metres.

It is now believed the shark has been sold.