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Even by looking at the Western media's maps of ISIS' territorial
holdings it is obvious it is not a militant force springing up in Syria or Iraq but
rather an invasion force originating from NATO territory.
The German government says it plans to extend for another year its troops' participation in a NATO air-defense mission in Turkey operating Patriot missile batteries near the Syrian border.

Chancellor Angela Merkel's Cabinet on Wednesday approved plans to extend Germany's participation in the so-called "Active Fence" mission to January 31, 2016, with a maximum of 400 soldiers. Some 240 German soldiers are currently deployed.

The decision must be approved by parliament.

Germany, the Netherlands and the U.S. each committed two Patriot batteries to help guard the Turkish border in January 2013. Since then other NATO nations have contributed personnel as well.

Comment: Despite such a well guarded border, those damned ISIS members always manage to get through.

American-Lebanese PressTV reporter Serena Shim was murdered for what she saw and knew about ISIS using NGO vehicles to cross the border from Turkey into Syria. What she knew was probably just the tip of the iceberg.
The report titled, "'IS' supply channels through Turkey," confirms what has been reported by geopolitical analysts since at least as early as 2011 - that NATO member Turkey has allowed a torrent in supplies, fighters, and weapons to cross its borders unopposed to resupply ISIS positions inside of Syria.

Germany says the Netherlands is expected to pull out its batteries at the end of the month, but Spain is planning to add one.