The interview
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North Korea is the country the US loves to demonize and what better way than use Hollywood, the favourite propaganda arm of the Empire of Chaos.
Last month there was a cyberattack on a SONY made movie/comedy featuring North Korea called The Interview, which resulted in SONY retracting the movie. The movie was apparently so bad that SONY would have been right to pull it even without the hack. Accusations from the US blamed, in predictable fashion, North Korea. North Korea claims innocence, saying it had nothing to do with it, and offered to launch a joint investigation with the US:
US accusations that North Korea staged a cyber attack on Sony Pictures are "groundless slander"; Pyongyang wants to set up a joint investigation into the incident with Washington, a spokesman of the North Korean foreign ministry said, according to Reuters.
Sounds reasonable. So how does the Empire of Chaos react?
The White House is considering relisting North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism after the FBI formally accused Pyongyang of masterminding the colossal computer hacking on the Sony Pictures Entertainment.
Yes, you read that correctly. The US is considering blacklisting North Korea and listing it as a state sponsor of terrorism. The biggest sponsor of state terrorism reacts to an offer of a joint investigation by blacklisting the country that made the offer! Puppet-in-chief Obama had this to say:
"We can not have a society in which some dictator somewhere can start imposing censorship here in the United States."
The US spies on every head of state and every country in the world, imposes sanctions at will, unilaterally goes to war, funds, trains and arms ISIS and the Nazi regime in Kiev and everywhere else it wishes regime change. As usual no evidence has been presented to implicate North Korea, just like with Flight MH17 and numerous Russian "invasions" of Ukraine. We the people are just expected to believe the pathological leadership of the exceptional United States of America and support them in their destruction of the world.

No evidence exists, and no evidence will be forthcoming, because it either doesn't exist or would only show the US's hand in it would breach US 'national security'.

As the New York Times reveals, the NSA has been busy trying to infiltrate North Korea's IT systems:
It is not clear how the United States determined that Mr. Kim's government had played a central role in the Sony attacks. North Korea's computer network has been notoriously difficult to infiltrate. But the National Security Agency began a major effort four years ago to penetrate the country's computer operations, including its elite cyberteam, and to establish "implants" in the country's networks that, like a radar system, would monitor the development of malware transmitted from the country.
Russia has been getting closer to North Korea recently, so putting North Korea back on the blacklist is a way of hurting Russia's allies.

When will global audiences learn from SONY and pull this crappy B-class movie, aka the Empire of Chaos? Its 'CGI special effects' are so bland, its plot twists so predictable and crass. The voice of the people everywhere is needed to stop this horrific spectacle from making another appearance at a theatre near you!