Yesterday, Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov told NTV channel he'd like to quit his post as leader of Chechnya and help the local militias in Novorussia (Donetsk and Lugansk) fight their Ukrainian attackers. This comes after Kiev's corrupt officials initiated criminal proceedings against him last week and threatened to put him on an international 'wanted' list. He responded:
They can keep saying whatever they like. But I am going to ask the (Russian) president for permission to quit my post in order to go to Donbass to protect the interests of those citizens who are fighting there now.
The day after the probable false-flag terror attack in Chechnya's capital city Grozny on December 4, several members of the Ukrainian Rada, including Yuri Beryoza, Andriy Levus and Ihor Moiseychuk voiced their support for the terrorist attack, calling for a "second front" to open in Russia's Caucasus region. One of these fools, Moiseychuk, even implied a wish for Kadyrov's assassination, uploading a video of him shooting an assault rifle at a photograph of Kadyrov.

You can't expect much better from the likes of Moiseychuk. He's a former commander for Azov battalion, one of Ukraine's openly fascist death squads (don't believe me? see here, here, and here, and this, and this).

Both Kadyrov and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov responded with proposals to initiate criminal proceedings against these idiots, with Lavrov calling their statements "blasphemous and cynical". Add psychopathic to that list of adjectives! Kadyrov was more up-front, promising to bury all those who support the terrorists. Like the simpering cowards they are, Beryoza, Levus and Moiseychuk then had their personal security beefed up in response.

Now, there's a report that Khasan Zakaev, one of the Chechen terrorists involved in the 2002 Moscow theater hostage crisis, was caught crossing into Crimea from Ukraine with a fake passport. How curious! Ukrainian Nazi terrorists showing their ideological support for Chechen terrorism, making open and veiled threats against one of their biggest enemies (Kadyrov), and now providing safe haven for wanted murderers and giving them safe passage into Russian territory to do god knows what (we can guess).

What's up with this unlikely match?

The Chechen 'rebels' or 'separatists', as the Western media like to call them, are in fact Wahabi terrorists, despite how hard the West tries to avoid the word. Foreign-backed and foreign-trained, they're just one more branch of the West's Christmas Tree of Proxy Terror. As Ennio Adams wrote recently, Prince Bandar Bush of Saudi Arabia even threatened Putin with turning them loose at the Sochi Winter Olympics if Putin didn't comply with Bandar's wishes.

To get some background on the conflict in Chechnya (which is practically non-existent now, thanks to Putin and Kadyrov's efforts), read Alexander Mercouris's recent overview here. In it, he writes:
What is indisputable is that over the period of its self-declared independence, first under Dudayev from 1992 to 1994, and then from 1996 to 1999, Chechnya became heavily infiltrated by Islamic militants some of them with links to what became Al Qaeda. As time passed these groups became increasingly dominant and by 1999 were effectively in control. Following several years of growing gangsterism, frequently punctuated with mass kidnappings and ransom demands of people from southern Russia, in 1999 these militant jihadis launched an invasion of the neighboring republic of Dagestan and a series of bomb attacks on apartment buildings in Moscow. By this point their agenda was no longer independence for Chechnya but an Islamist war against Russia.

This war has been fought with relentless ferocity ever since. Using the same methods as other Al Qaeda affiliated jihadi groups, indiscriminate attacks have been launched against the Russian civilian population, including horrifying terrorist outrages such as the Nord-Ost Theatre siege and the massacre of schoolchildren at Beslan.
And as James Corbett and Sibel Edmonds have been pointing out repeatedly in the last couple years, this isn't simply a matter of "homegrown" terrorism within Russia's borders. The rise of these radical, militant groups is essentially Operation Gladio 2.0, scripted, created, funded, aided and abetted by CIA/Mossad/MI6/NATO. In a recent talk, Corbett spelled it out. These terrorist groups, like Al-Qaeda, ISIS, the various groups in Syria, in Chechnya, are simply the continuation of the Cold War-era Gladio "strategy of tension". Only instead of targeting the Soviets, it's the Russians, via that geostrategic region: the Caucasus and Central Asia.

So it's really no surprise that the Ukrainian Nazi terrorists would team up with the Chechen Wahabi terrorists. They serve the same masters, after all. And their psychopathy binds them together in a sort of brotherhood of barbarism.

Zakaev turning up in Crimea via Ukraine also reminds me of another newsbite from just over a month ago. RT and various other sources reported that the so-called "White Widow" -- widow of 7/7 'bomber' Germaine Lindsay, housewife-turned-terrorist-mastermind, and in all likelihood a British intelligence asset (see Jon Ryman's documentary below and listen to SOTT's interview with him here), was fighting for another Nazi battalion in Ukraine, the Aidar battalion, where she was shot dead by a volunteer Russian sniper:

But after that initial report, nothing. What's the story? A couple possibilities come to mind. First, it didn't happen -- the report of her death was a Russian ruse, perhaps a hint to Western intelligence that Russia knows the game and can use their own agents and assets against them. Second, it really did happen. In which case, why no further information? Did the Russians use the event, and subsequently put a lid on information, in return for some concession from the West? After all, one of the West's 'most wanted' terrorists turning up and fighting for the West's allies in Kiev would make for bad press, to say the least.

Whatever the case, the important point is this: just as the U.S. is supporting a gang of genocidal Nazi thugs, greedy and inept oligarchs, and laughable politicians in Ukraine -- all in an effort to goad Russia into armed conflict -- for the last thirty-odd years, the U.S. has also been supporting a gang of genocidal Wahabi terrorists -- all in an effort to control strategic Russian/Central Asian territory, destabilize Russia, and bring her under the boot of American hegemony. They just don't seem to get it: Russia will not give in so easily.