Thursday night a farmer in southern Denmark had an unusual experience, though these events in recent years are happening on a frequent basis. During a storm he suddenly saw something come through the air as reported by Jyllandsposten:
Dead geese in Denmark
© Brian Rostgaard Andersen
Farm manager Frank Berndt (left) og farmer Peter Rostgaard Andersen with some of the dead geese, that yesterday rained down on the farm
The second after a big crash, followed by several more crashing sounds. After a few sesonds he had counted 10 crashing noises.

"I thought it was roof tiles, that had blown off during the storm, but when it cleared up and we went outside, we saw that it was barnacle geese. Dead barnacle geese," says Brian Rostgaard Andersen.

The farmer and his manager Frank Berndt, found within a diameter of 150 to 200 meter 24 dead barnacle geese. Some of them were lying on the roof of the farm and some of them had penetrated the roof tiles.
The farmer contacted senior climatologist John Cappelen, who had following explanation:
"I imagine that the geese have flown in formation, possibly on their way south, and have flown into an electrical field. They have perhaps had a bit of electrical current go through them, but probably not much, as they are visibly burnt. Or they can have been knocked unconscious by the chok effect that happens by a lightning strike explains John Cappelen who adds that it doesn't take much current to knock the heart of a geese out.
Here is a link to a video of the farmer explaining the event and showing the damage to the roof of his barns. For an understanding of the likely cosmic reasons for this type of event and why it is happening a lot these years, read the book by Pierre Lescaudron called Earth changes and the human-cosmic connection.