A 70-pound female Pit Bull, who appeared to have recently had puppies, viciously attacked a beagle being walked by his owners and then bit the owner in the face on Sunday. The incident occurred near the intersection of 40th and Myrtle in City Heights, California, around 4 p.m., according to 10News.

Craig Moreno, who lives nearby, said he had just come home when he saw the woman on the corner in a position that looked like she was a hugging a dog. Then he heard her scream for help and realized she was trying to pull a beagle out of the jaws of the huge Pit Bull.

Several other people were also trying to help, Moreno said, so he just jumped right in and also held onto the beagle.

But the Pit Bull did not let loose - not even when a neighbor hit it with a golf club. It continued until someone found the woman's water bottle and began pouring water onto the dog's face. Moreno described to 10News how they pulled harder as they poured the rest of the water into the dog's face and it finally let go.

The woman's face was covered in blood, and the tip of her nose was torn open, he said.

Neighbors managed to get a leash on the Pit Bull. Several told the 10News reporter that they are familiar with the dog, which is often on the streets but had always been friendly with people. However, they also said the dog is very aggressive with other dogs.

The neighbors pointed out a house on 39th Street to officers and said it is the home of the Pit Bull. Video footage shows that dog food and water had been left outside the gated front yard.

A San Diego County Department of Animal Control officer left a notice at the home for the occupant to contact the agency and indicated to News10 that several calls had been received from neighbors complaining about the dog during the past four years.

The Pit Bull is now being held in quarantine at the shelter. The matter is still being investigated by the animal control agency to determine if criminal charges against the dog owner will be filed.

The owners of the beagle were identified as Dan Maier and his wife. Mr Maier told 10News that the dog's name is Apple and that the Pit Bull had inflicted puncture wounds on his side which required surgery. They were able to take him home from the veterinary clinic on Monday.

Maier said his wife's injuries also required immediate surgery, and she may have permanent scars. He said that his wife has no medical insurance and they had spent thousands of dollars for veterinary care for Apple, and they still do not know who owns the vicious dog.