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Gigantic black hole spotted by Hubble
The U.S. Empire's plan was to use the chaos it generated in Ukraine to draw Russia into an overt military intervention, and to ultimately isolate, divide and pacify Russia. This is according to political analyst Andrew Korbyko, who labels this bizarre strategy the 'Reverse Brzezinski':
The idea is to create 'black holes' of absolute disorder in which Moscow, Beijing, and Tehran are "damned if they do, damned if they don't" intervene. [...]

When it comes to Ukraine, humanitarian atrocities and war crimes are purposely being undertaken in order to anger the Russian leadership and provoke an emotional military reaction. [...]

The US sought to capitalize off of the chaos present in Syria and Ukraine in order to create 'black holes' to suck in Iran and Russia.
Whatever outcomes the Washington elites thought they would get, it's becoming increasingly obvious that this strategy has failed miserably. Putin recently stated that Russia won't fall for such tactics:
"We are not threatening anyone and are not planning to get involved in any geopolitical games, intrigues and especially conflicts, no matter who would want to pull us into them," Putin said at a meeting with military chiefs in the Black Sea resort of Sochi on Wednesday.
It seems that these 'black holes' are now sucking in their own creators and bringing about their downfall, producing the opposite result to what the 'Empire of Chaos' wanted. The same outcome can be expected from any future attempts by the West to undermine Russia. This is made clear with the recent decision by Russia to scrap the South Stream pipeline and open up of a new Blue Stream pipeline.

As one Russian commentator put it, "Putin is now forcing the EU to recognize the mess in Ukraine is not Russian, but a European problem." We can also see clearly that Putin is not the one trying to 'revive the Russian Empire' - quite the opposite, it's the U.S. and their allies vassals that are behaving more overtly as an empire. The psychopaths running the Western Empire always need an enemy to justify their plans, but they prefer to use enemies they control for that purpose (ISIS, for example). Their portrait of Putin-as-Hitler is indicative of the real threat this enemy poses. Lada Ray writes in 'Is Putin part of New World Order?':
Since US cannot be seen as a positive force any more, the only thing that is left for its propaganda is to discredit the opponent. To do that, the US needs to twist the reality in such a way that the opponent is painted with the tainted brush.
So what's next for the Empire of Chaos? Enter House Resolution 758. Here's Pepe Escobar's take on the resolution.
I can't emphasize enough how terrifying - and stupid - this is.

And now it's official.

House Resolution 758 was approved yesterday by an overwhelming, bipartisan 411-10 score at the US Congress.

See the vote breakdown here:

This resolution, rushed to a vote only two weeks after it was introduced, depicts Russia as an "Aggressor Nation" which has invaded Ukraine and was behind the downing of MH-17.

The resolution virtually calls for war on Russia.

Take a very good look at the language:

The President of the United States, in consultation with the US Congress, must...

"conduct a review of the force posture, readiness, and responsibilities of the United States Armed Forces and the forces of other members of NATO to determine if the contributions and actions of each is sufficient to meet the obligations of collective self defense under article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty and to specify the measures needed to remedy any deficiencies" .

Translation: the US Congress wants the Empire of Chaos to use NATO's collective security doctrine under article 5 (an attack on one member is an attack on all members) to advance a war on Russia, even though Ukraine is not a member (but will soon become a major non-NATO ally).

The resolution now goes to the Senate.

If it becomes law, the resolution allows the President of the United States to declare war on Russia bypassing the formal permission of Capitol Hill.

The lame duck wouldn't have the balls. But the Hillarator will.
Ron Paul rightly states the bill is nothing but "16 pages of war propaganda that should have made even neocons blush." He further states that the U.S. is provoking a war against Russia that "could result in total destruction" of both countries.

With the failure of their covert strategies, are the Western elite now opting for more overt undertakings? Would they dare 'do an Iraq' on Russia? It's possible, but not likely. Russian-American author Dmitry Orlov predicts more of the same from the U.S. (subverting countries it believes it 'owns'), culminating eventually in internal collapse:
When you look at where the United States is headed in this particular trajectory and you say the leaders will have to either forfeit the game or figure out how to change the game, would you agree that they're probably going to forfeit, and how does forfeit play out in your mind? What does that mean?

Dmitry Orlov: Well, to keep their positions, they have to continue posturing and part of that posturing is pretending that you're acting from a position of strength whereas you're actually acting from a position of weakness. That's already happening in the US and the posturing isn't working out very well either. So, in China recently, Obama made a speech about American leadership in the world and all of these young Chinese people in the audience started laughing. Now, if you send your leader somewhere across the world, and young people laugh at him, that's not a good sign, right? [...]

I don't think there'll be any outright, all-out confrontation because total war between the United States and Russia is unwinnable by definition. I think that, basically, there will be efforts by the US to continue what it tries to do with less and less success, various types of Orange Revolutions. And they're working out worse and worse every time. I mean look at the results. It used to be that they actually kind of got the government they wanted for a little while. But now, they don't even get that for any length of time and the countries that they try to set up, like Libya for instance, fall apart really quickly. If you look at Georgia, where they put in Mikheil Saakashvili as the President, well, now he's basically a wanted men in his own country. He's been hiding out somewhere in the states. It's just not working out very well but they'll continue doing it until it just all falls apart.
Russia is forced by the circumstances (full-spectrum anti-Russian information war, economic sanctions, 'balkanization' on its doorstep) to respond in creative ways that protect its own interests, draws allies to its principled stance, and minimizes the loss of life and property for everyone involved... while the U.S. Empire is getting swallowed into a black hole of its own making.