© YonhapThe boar broke through the glass door of the entrance and proceeded to damage the elevator doors ahead of it.
A wild boar broke into a Yonsei University Wonju campus building on Dec. 4. at approximately 7:28 p.m., according to Yonhap.

Wonju is the most populous city in the Gangwon province just 87 miles east of Seoul.

After creating havoc and noise on the first floor of the building, the boar escaped.

"There was a very large boar that broke through the entrance. It proceeded to damage the elevator doors and even got trapped," said a man named Shim. "My coworkers I were on our way out and it frightened us."

Police and firefighters were called to the scene, but by that point all that was left were broken doors, glass and blood from the boar's injuries.

The building is a student dormitory as well as a business incubator. It is surrounded by hills and natural areas.