• Ukraine is an artificial state created by Stalin out of Russian and Polish lands
  • A good solution would be to return those lands to Russia and Poland, and return western Poland (East Prussia) to Germany
  • This would be just, and defuse the current, hysterical rush to war
The spin in the US has been relentless; Russia is expanding towards a 21st century empire.

Here, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov explains in detail how this is undiluted rubbish.

What has actually happened is that Moscow deftly called the Brzezinski-inspired bluff in Ukraine - with all its overtones.

No wonder the Empire of Chaos is furious.

And yet there is a solution to defuse the current, hysterical rush to war logic.

Here I have examined in some detail how Washington is playing Russian roulette. Now it's time to advance a modest proposal - as it has been discussed by a few concerned analysts from the US, Europe and Asia.

Essentially, it's very simple. It's up to Germany. And it's all about undoing Stalin.

Stalin, at the outset of WWII, took East Prussia from Germany and moved the eastern part of Poland into Ukraine. Eastern Ukraine was originally from Russia; it is part of Russia and was given by Lenin to Ukraine.

So let's have East Prussia returned to Germany; the eastern part of Poland returned to Poland; and eastern Ukraine as well as Crimea - which Khrushchev gave to Ukraine - returned to Russia.

Everyone get its share. No more Stalin. No more arbitrary borders. That's what the Chinese would define as a "triple win" situation.

Of course the Empire of Chaos would fight it to death; there would be no more chaos manipulated to justify a crusade against bogus Russian "aggression".

The ball is in Germany's court.

Now it's up to East Prussians to present the facts to Angela Merkel. Let's see if she's able to get the message.