Comment: Dmitry Orlov predicts that the end of the dollar is near. You can listen to the informative SOTT Talk Radio interview with Mr. Orlov here, the transcript is available here.

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Maidan square in Kiev
This just in: it turns out that the rumors were right after all.

At least part of the reason the US State Dept./CIA staged a coup in Ukraine that overthrew its democratically elected government and installed a neo-Nazi puppet regime was to steal Ukraine's gold.

Rumor had it that shortly after the coup the gold was quietly loaded onto a plane that took it to the US.

And now comes the official revelation: Ukraine has no gold reserves left. The gold was sold to pay for a failed military campaign in Eastern Ukraine, and to prop up the fake paper gold market for a little bit longer. One would expect that once the fix is off, the price of gold will skyrocket, the US dollar will drop like a rock, and Americans will need to add the word "hyperinflation" to their list of national woes.