Ukrainian punitive battalion
© Anatoli Stepanov/AFP
Volunteers of the Ukrainian "Donbass" battalion take part in exercises in their camp on the border between Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk regions, eastern Ukraine on April 26, 2014. Will they turn against the junta in Kiev if their demands are not met?
Things are neither easy nor settled in Ukraine, though some Western media are touting that stability is on the cards for the future. Despite the recent election in Ukraine putting the fascist Euro-centric faction firmly in control of the Ukrainian parliament, dissatisfaction and mistrust is evident. The low voter turnout was one indication of the terror in the country; more explicitly, fascist commanders of the punitive battalions didn't mince their words about what will happen if things don't go their way:
"There won't be a third Maidan if that happens," Feshchenko, 38, said in the frenetic headquarters of the Dnipro-1 volunteer militia in Dnipropetrovsk, in eastern Ukraine, where he is deputy commander. "There'll be a military takeover."
Another commander was equally uncompromising:
"We're going to give them half a year to show the country has somehow changed, that even if it's hard, there's light ahead," Yuriy Bereza, Dnipro-1's popular commander, told AFP.

Asked what would happen should that deadline pass, another paramilitary member at headquarters, a tall man in civilian clothing with a pistol strapped to his side, didn't hesitate.

"A coup," he said.
The discontent is not limited to fascist elements. Last week, hour-long conversations between militia commanders in Donbass and Ukrainian military field commanders showed a lot of agreements despite obvious disagreements, as The Saker reported:
First and foremost, it was amazing to see how much both sides fully agreed upon. Both sides agreed that this war was useless and only benefited the enemies of the Ukraine. Both sides expressed contempt, disgust and even hatred for the politicians in power and the oligarchs who rule over Banderastan today. Both sides also agree that Yanukovich was a scumbag and that the Maidan protests were absolutely legitimate but that the original protests had been hijacked by enemies of the Ukraine. Both sides also agreed that this war had to be stopped. Now, please keep in mind that Ukrainian Nazis were, of course, not invited. These were mainly regular Ukrainian military speaking to Novorussian military and Ukrainian activists speaking to Mozgovoi. There were also some real disagreements.
And the frustration also showed:
Both sides were expressing frustration that they could not unite their forces and jointly get rid of the oligarchs and Nazis.
As The Saker remarked, this was not just a one-off statement:
I was also amazed at how readily the Ukrainians agreed that the Ukraine must rid herself from the Nazis and the oligarchs. In various occasions people on both sides said "let's do that together!". Others were more dubious. Frankly, I am extremely impressed by the courage and decency of many of the Ukrainians in these interviews who, while standing their ground on the issue of the territorial integrity of the Ukraine, quite openly said how much they hated the Nazis and the oligarchs.
It should be noted that the Dnipro-1 battalion, also known as 'Kolomoisky's battalion', would, along with their boss Kolomoisky, belong to that category of "nazis and oligarchs".

The possibility that parts of the Ukrainian Army could join forces with the Donbass army and march on Kiev is apparently causing a certain amount of unease in some places in Kiev, as a blogger writes:
According to verified information, from Police HQ on Bogomolets street #10 - Ministry of Internal Affairs is in real panic. Operational information was received that some territorial battalions are planning to unite and negotiate with the forces of the so-called DPR-LPR for joint armed march on Kiev. As a minimum, expect inaction of the forces from DPR-LPR during the campaign of the battalions.
Considering that
  • Oligarchs are firmly entrenched, again
  • Eastern Ukraine is getting destroyed
  • Fascist rule and nazis are terrorizing the countryside
  • Cronyism is rife, with the US vice-president's son getting on the board of the biggest Ukrainian gas company, along with Poroshenko's son being "elected" to the new parliament
  • Lots of jobs being lost due to alienation of Russia and the sanctions
  • Hikes in prices due to the currency collapse
  • Cold winter just starting and with little to no heating
  • A golden parachute has not materialized from the US and the EU
... it is no surprise that discontent is brewing just beneath the surface and that the last drop of blood has not yet been spilt.

In his battle with the far superior army of oligarchs like Pompey in ancient Rome, Julius Caesar often succeeded by having his troops fraternise with the troops of the enemy, which often caused them to switch to Caesar's side.

It looks like history is repeating again, and in more ways than one, something that Pierre Lescaudron has expounded on in his book Earth Changes and the Human cosmic connection.