In Ottawa today, in an event "unprecedented in Canada's history", someone shot dead - at point blank range - one of the two soldiers who stand guard at Canada's National War Memorial. From there the suspect(s) hijacked car(s) and made their way to Parliament Buildings, where they opened fire in close proximity to Canadian government ministers and legislators. Canada's capital city is currently on lockdown as thousands of personnel from multiple security forces patrol the area and set up checkpoints to monitor vehicles going in and out of the city.

One of the shooters has been killed, allegedly by a security guard inside the Parliament. At least two patients have turned up with gunshot wounds at a local hospital. Eyewitnesses told local news outlet CTV that "a man with long hair carrying a rifle" fired four shots at a soldier next to Canada's 'Tomb of the Unknown Soldier'. That soldier has since died.
Eyewitness: 'It sounded like a shotgun'

One man watched the scene unfold from a third-floor office that faces the war memorial. "It was unreal," said the witness, who asked not to be identified. "I heard the shot and looked out the window. . . The shooter came from the west side and aimed right at the young guy that was standing guard and shot him twice. I think he missed with the first shot; it sounded like a shotgun."
Loaded symbolism: An unnamed Canadian soldier was shot dead at the country's 'Tomb of the Unknown Soldier'
Canada's military has been put on high alert, with all its bases on lockdown. Canada had incidentally raised its national terrorism alert level earlier today, following a separate attack on Monday, in which two Canadian soldiers were run over in a hit-and-run by a "homegrown radicalized jihadist", Quebecois Martin Couture-Rouleau, aka 'Ahmad the Converted'. One of the soldiers died. The suspect was summarily executed following a manhunt by militarized police.

When asked how they already knew so much about the suspect, police said they had been monitoring Couture-Rouleau "for some time" because he's on a list of 90 Canadian suspects involved in "fighting with extremists abroad." In July this year, they confiscated his passport when he tried to leave the country for Turkey. He was released "for lack of evidence that he intended to join a terrorist group," despite the fact that he was clearly bent on joining up with ISIS. Canadian press are reporting today that Couture-Rouleau was "angry that Canada supported the U.S. bombing of ISIS", but reassured Canadians that he "appeared to be a lone wolf..."

From 'Multiple Shooters'... to 'Lone Gunman'

Cellphone video shot by a Globe and Mail reporter showed a chaotic scene in the hallway leading from the front doors of Parliament's Centre Block to the Library of Parliament during the attack:

Some eyewitness accounts:
"We were waiting there for a city tour and suddenly I heard four shots," said Jan Lugtenborg, a tourist visiting downtown Ottawa from Holland.

"Suddenly I saw a small guy with long black hair... with a long rifle, and he ran away after the shots, across streets in the direction of Parliament Hill," he said.

Raivo Nommick, another bystander, said "all of a sudden I just heard a shot, turned around and there was a guy with a rifle....and just pow pow.

"Then I saw one of the other Armed Forces guys just running. He barrelled over, just ran right over. The other guy just dropped. I looked back and just dived underneath and immediately called 911."
Eyewitness Scott Walsh, who was working on Parliament Hill, said he saw:
"...a man running with a double-barrelled shotgun, wearing a scarf and blue jeans. He hopped over the fence surrounding Parliament Hill, forced someone out of a car, then drove to the front doors of Parliament and fired at least two shots."
Eyewitness Tony Zobl described what he saw from his fourth-floor office window directly above the war memorial:
"I looked out the window and saw a shooter, a man dressed all in black with a kerchief over his nose and mouth and something over his head as well, holding a rifle and shooting an honour guard in front of the Cenotaph point-blank, twice."
One report from a government minister suggests an explosive device of some sort was used:
"PM was addressing caucus, then a huge boom, followed by rat-a-tat shots. We all scattered. It was clearly right outside our caucus door," Treasury Board Minister Tony Clement told Reuters.
...although the 'huge boom' may have been from a 'flash-bang' deployed by police, and the 'rat-a-tat' shots part of the shoot out with police inside the building as seen in the video of the event.

Ottowa police have "confirmed" that "two or three gunmen were involved in the incident." AP journalist Jorge Barrera reported that police have "one of the suspect's cellphones" and "are in possession of a photograph of one of the gunmen." Local collumnist John Invision was reportedly told by Ottawa police that "there are multiple assailants" and to "move back, they're targeting first responders."

As "multiple shooters"' morphs into "lone gunman" in the coming hours and days, keep in mind that Ottawa Police Constable Chuck Benoit told CNN that there was more than one person involved in the shootings. "We have to apprehend and arrest the people that are involved in this morning's incident, and at this time we don't have these people," Benoit said.

It appears that one of the shooters hijacked a "green car", while another shooter used this car to reach Parliament:

©"The shooter's car"? Or "one of the shooters' cars?"
© ctvnews.caCTV News' Maurice Cacho reporting a green car used by one of the terrorists
The ISIS PR department has tweeted this photo they say is "the Ottawa shooter" ... although it's unclear how ISIS in the Middle East figured out what Ottawa police officials don't yet know (that "multiple shooters" is soon to become "the lone gunman"):

The 'lone wolf' is named as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a 32-year-old Canadian citizen. Also from Quebec, Zehaf-Bibeau may have known Couture-Rouleau. He was apparently known to Montreal police, with someone of that name having been arrested for a number of drugs offences. Curiously, though, he was first identified by "U.S. security agencies", who were able to inform their Canadian colleagues that Zehaf-Bibeau too had "recently converted to Islam."

One of the shooters, probably killed, inside the Parliament building.
From Hapless Dupes...

© Wikipedia - Shaikh: jihadist, jihadist-trainer, jihadist-recruiter, weapons dealer, drugs dealer... and career agent of Canada's intelligence agency
Back in 2006, there was the 'Ontario Terror Plot', in which 18 people - one as young as 15 - and supposedly "inspired by al Qaeda" - were accused (and found guilty) of planning to - wait for it - detonate truck bombs, open fire in a crowded area, storm the Canadian Broadcasting Centre, storm the Canadian Parliament building, storm the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) headquarters, storm the parliamentary Peace Tower, take hostages, then behead the Prime Minister and other government leaders... all the while screaming 'Allahu Akbar!'

In the course of the trial, it emerged that they were set up by a police informer who had "infiltrated the group" and let it be known to them that he had "military and martial arts training." The evidence that these men were "planning a terrorist training camp" in the Canadian woods was video footage allegedly showing them talking around a campfire and doing 'donuts' with their cars. At a second 'training camp', the younger members were induced to appear in videos mimicking Jihadist beheading videos coming out of Iraq at the time. Their handlers had them sit in front of the black al Qaeda flag with hunting knives.

Mubin Shaikh, the informer, who turns out to be a career operative of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, was accused by the defence of having played a "key role" in setting up and running the trip. He purchased the supplies used, was the "military trainer" at the 'camp' (where 200 police officers were waiting to pounce in this 'sting operation'), instructed them on how to use the firearms and ammunition he bought for the 'terror cell'... and "gave exhortational sermons on Jihad". Shaikh himself described the 'terrorists plotting full-scale ground war against Canada' as "hapless." GLADIO-style Operations

Yes, these two are idiots.. but the people behind them are formidably ruthless
"We are all concerned and surprised that in quaint Canada, this kind of thing could happen," said Richard Teltschik, part of a delegation of German parliamentarians on a visit to Ottawa. "Everybody expects Canada to be remote from all the troubles of the world, peaceful and quiet, and now we have this situation." Indeed, today's events rather defy common sense.

In fact, they make absolutely no sense unless they're seen for what they are: terror attacks organized by the state (or state actors) - in all probability elements of U.S. and Canadian intelligence - with a view to shrinking that "remoteness from the troubles of the world" by bringing the 'troubles over there (created by us)... to our doorstep'.

Hundreds of Canadians and Americans have been enticed, induced or brainwashed into going to Syria over the last 4 years. As proxy forces in a determined effort to remove President Assad of Syria, these hapless dupes are effectively U.S. military conscripts in the front line of a war for U.S. world domination. As hapless dupes, they never stood much chance of defeating Assad's conventional military forces; their primary mission was to draw responses from Assad that the West could vilify as Assad 'killing his own people', at which point Syria would be levelled like Libya was.

Problem is, Russia stands in the way. How else but through some demonstration of the 'real threat' of terrorism can the Canadian government justify Canadian military jets, stationed on European territory, intercepting Russian aircraft along Russia's borders? Prime Minister Harper won't connect the two issues - ISIS and Russia - but that is ultimately what ISIS-mania is all about: legitimizing U.S.-NATO hegemony over 'all those places over there'.

War on Terror Redux

In an unpopular move, Canada's Parliament had recently done its bit for Empire when it voted to participate in Washington's 'Operation Inherent Resolve' against ISIS in Syria/Iraq. Draconian legislation is currently on the cards, including a bill that will retrospectively permit Canadian intelligence agencies to circumvent laws that prevent them from spying on Canadians - get this - by "allowing foreign agencies, including those of the United States, to do it for them."

This is the war on terror, folks; you're either with the authorities, or you're "with the terrorists." Today's attack in the heart of Canada's administrative district is intended to remind Canadians - and Westerners in general - that without 'lockdowns', summary executions, farcical judicial processes, 'secret state evidence', increased militarization of police forces, and the circumvention of due process and democratic norms, our benevolent leaders cannot protect us from the monster they created. In these times of universal deceit, Oligarchs everywhere know it is imperative that they remind the Authoritarian Followers "WHY THEY NEED US!"