Giant Squid_1
The giant squid took on a Greenpeace sub in the Bering Sea.
Incredible footage has emerged of a huge squid taking on a Greenpeace submarine.

The video was released by Greenpeace on Vine and shows the squid spinning around and squirting black ink at the sub.

The shocked crew pointed a light at the squid to try and scare it away. The squid continued to thrash around and whip the sub with its tentacles.

Giant Squid_2
The incident occurred in the Bering Sea which is between Russia and Alaska although it is unclear when exactly it happened.

The squid apparently swam away unharmed and did not cause any damage to the submarine.

The only details accompanying the video was a message that said: "It's a squid attacking a submarine during a #BeringSea expedition with @GreenpeaceUSA!