This strange light was seen hovering in the sky above Eltham in South London on Monday night
The past few weeks have seen almost daily recordings of strange aerial anomalies in the skies all over the world. These orbs or points of light hover alone or in groups, form geometric shapes, are stationary then move erratically, and do not appear to be explainable in terms of the usual suspects: planes, planets, drones, ball lightning, etc. Here are just three from October 4th, 5th, and 6th.

October 4th, El Paso, Texas, USA

The eyewitness says:

This is footage that was taken out of my own camera from inside of an apartment complex in El Paso, TX on Oct. 4th, 2014 starting at 7:16 PM. The second set of footage was taken starting at 7:29 PM. I believe these to be Unidentified Flying Objects because of the strange ways that the lights in the sky were moving. There was no perceivable wind that day. The lights took upon triangular and "V" formations throughout the footage, and at a few points, one appears to go up while the other goes down, and one goes left while the other goes right. At certain points, the UFO's began to hover until disappearing into the night's sky.

October 5th, Westall, Melbourne, Australia

Seen outside a meeting of a local UFO 'contactee' group, this one allegedly appeared after an attempt to telepathically 'call' for a UFO to appear by the group.

October 6, Eltham, south London, UK

Taken at around 9 pm while having a cigarette outside his home, 'Charlie and Gemma' took this video on their phone, It was stationary for a period of minutes before disappearing.