Our readers may agree with us when we say that reality can be fairly depressing, to say the least! Sometimes it reaches a point where things get so bad, people must find all sorts of ways to deal with it. Some may choose to shut down and find a means of escape and distract themselves by dissociating. Others may feel numb and desensitized. Others may fall into a deep depression, while others may not have cared from the beginning. And yet, despite the grim global picture, some continue speaking up (like we do here on SOTT). If the world wasn't governed by psychopaths, this could be a wonderful place, couldn't it?

There are several ways to speak up and we believe that now it is the time to do it! One can share facts and expose lies in a serious manner. One can also simply share his or her opinion via the social networks. One can show indignation or righteous anger, where it belongs and in many different ways.

Well, this time we have decided to use yet another tactic to counteract lies and propaganda: Humor! We selected a song that many of you may know, from The Sound of Music. As you will see, the lyrics have been modified slightly, and it's not about Maria, but about one of the main perpetrators of crime and suffering in the world. Despite having been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, full of empty promises of "Hope" and "Change", this character manipulated the masses and destroyed his own and other countries in the typical American way. He was probably put in power for that purpose. But his smile doesn't fool many people any more. Have you guessed who this song is about yet? You probably have.

So, plug in your microphone, and sing along! The lyrics are available in the video for you to be able to join in. Let your voice be heard by many, and share it around!