When it was warmer in the past decade we were told the shortening winters and longer summers were a sign of man made global warming. Now it seems Summers are shortening in the Northern Hemisphere with early snow on both sides of the Atlantic just as the marionettes march world wide to warn of us of the dangers of a [non] warming world many of whom were either not born or too young to remember when we had a wild jet stream. [emphasis added]
After an unusually warm summer, winter arrived suddenly in several areas of Northern Norway on Monday. Snow fell in both the northern counties of Troms and Finnmark, leading to slippery roads, cancelled bus routes and a need to de-ice aircraft.

"It's not a record early snowfall, since it snowed in Tromsø on September 5 back in the early 1970s," meterologist Hanneke Luijting told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). "It's nonetheless unusual that snowfall remains on the ground this early."

Short summer

Luijting could note that the last snow fell on Tromsø in late June, just before the warm weather set in. "So you can say that we had a short summer this year," she laughed.

Luijting reported that nine centimeters (three-and-a-half inches) fell on Tromsø during the night and were still sitting there Monday morning.


It was all a huge contrast to the high temperatures of 20C (68F) just two days ago in the local valley of Tromsdalen.
First snow falls on Northern Norway