Leggy: The youngster emerged on a farm in Shandong with four normal legs and two more growing from its neck.
* The calf was born with two extra legs sprouting from its neck, making six

* It was born at farm belonging to farmer Zhang Gongxun in Shandong, China

* He says the calf cannot use extra limbs but doesn't seem bothered by them

* Vets say its NOT down to pollution but absorbed its own twin inside womb

When farmer Zhang Gongxun delivered this deformed calf, he knew the story would have legs in the Chinese media ... and indeed it ran and ran.

That's because the baby cow in question was born not with four limbs, but with six.

As well its usual hind and forequarters a cow should have, the animal managed to sprout an extra two from its neck while in its mother's womb.

Zhang, from Shandong, China, said: 'I've raised the mother for five years and seen her through four births and I've never seen anything like this before.'

He added: 'The extra legs don't seem to bother or hurt her but she can't move them or use them.

'Everyone seems to want to see her though since a friend put some pictures of her on the internet.

'I get crowds of people here every day and all kinds of camera crews from TV stations.'

Vets have ruled out claims that the legs came from a genetic mutation caused by pollution.


Twins become one: Vets say the extra legs are probably the remains of a twin calf which was nearly completely absorbed during the pregnancy
Instead, they say they are probably the remains of a twin calf which was nearly completely absorbed during the pregnancy.

Expert Guo Hsiao said: 'It happens when there isn't quite full separation of the twins and the smaller, weaker one is consumed.

'As long as the legs are not attached to any major nerves or blood vessels, we would be able to remove them without damaging the calf. That used to happen so the animal could be sold. But I have already been offered far more than the market value by animal parks - and I am considering the offers.'