Staffordshire bull terrier
Residents in Old Swan shocked over death of Louise Caygill

The neighbour of a Liverpool woman who was mauled to death by her pet dog told of how she feared she had heard the victim's fight for life against the raging animal.

Louise Caygill was found dead at her home on Macqueen Street in Old Swan on Sunday morning after her Staffordshire bull terrier had attacked her.

A close friend is understood to have reported their concerns for her safety at 10.46am on Sunday July 20.

The police turned up at the scene and found the 43-year-old dead in her bloodied kitchen.

But shocked neighbours believe that the dog killed her days earlier, just weeks after another attack by the dog.

The neighbour, who didn't want to be named, told the ECHO: "She was always making noise over the dog and it was always barking at her.

"She said that the dog was attacking her all of the time and the police have been there a number of times. But the last time that I heard anything from her was last Wednesday.

"I think that's when it must have killed her because she was shouting at it upstairs and it was barking at her.

"She was shouting, 'Get down! Get off me!' We didn't think that it was serious because it happens all of the time.

"When I think about it now I think that's when she must have died."

"I think about it all now and there was a sound of someone falling down the stairs. But I didn't think that it was that serious because she is always shouting at the dog in the early hours.

"The stairs lead into the kitchen and that's where the police found her so she must have tried to get down the stairs and fell down into the kitchen."

She said the woman's partner lives in flats around that corner and had become concerned that he had not seen her and rang the police on Sunday.

"The police turned up on the Sunday and the dog was inside the house, barking through the letter box.

"The police went around the back of the house and went into her yard. They saw her lying on the floor in the kitchen and there was blood everywhere. The police kicked the door in and found her dead."

Other residents in the area spoke of their shock over Ms Caygill's death just weeks after having injuries caused by the dog treated in hospital.

The manageress of the Brambles pub on St Oswald's Street, said: "She got bitten by the dog the other week. The dog bit her arm. It was a bad injury. I'm not sure if she had to have surgery. But it was a severe bite. I thought, 'Why was her dog attacking her?' Then when I heard about her being dead I thought, 'Oh no!'

"I just can't believe that she is dead. She was a good-looking girl as well. She was very pretty. She was such a nice person. She said that she liked to travel and she would go to the poor countries.

"She was last in the pub two weeks ago with her fella. It's a big shock that she's dead."

Another neighbour said: "There is a man in the area who was recently attacked by her dog. The hospital said that his injuries were life-threatening because of the way it had bitten him on his waist. It wasn't an imposing dog."

David Lalley, one of Ms Caygill's friends in Old Swan, said: "She kept herself to herself and she lived on her own. She was a nice girl. It's so sad that she's dead."

Her death was initially treated as "unexplained" by police but a post-mortem examination revealed she died from multiple dog bites.

The dog was seized and destroyed, and police officers are preparing a report for the coroner.