Sunshinehours reports that the Antarctic Sea Ice Extent for September 19th, 2014 is 20.11297 million square kilometers, which is 1,535,000 sq km above the 1981-2010 climatological mean.

Another 58,000 sq km. was added since yesterday, making it the 7th All-Time Record in 7 Days.

This new record is 610,000 sq km higher than the previous daily record. The red line represents 2014 data.
Antarctic sea ice expansion
© sunshine Hours
Data for Day 261.
Data source

NSIDC concurs:
Antarctic sea ice expansion
© National Snow and Ice Data Center
A look at the data presented by NSIDC as it would be from space if there were no clouds:
Antarctic sea ice expansion
© Thomas Wysmuller
More data on the WUWT Sea Ice page

UPDATE: Andres Valencia reports in comments:
The University of Bremen (The new satellite "Shizuku", AMSR2 sensor) will have to rescale their plots:
Antarctic sea ice expansion
© University of Bremen