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The video below, courtesy of Kazzura on YouTube, shows the testimony of Stankevich Stanislav Nikolayevich, captured on August 24 by the Ukrainian National Guard and recently released (presumably as part of the Minsk-initiated prisoner exchange). He tells of being captured and tortured, showing the wounds his captors burnt onto his body, including a Nazi swastika on his buttocks and lower back. He also tells of Ukrainian troops keeping captured 'separatists' (civilians and militia, men and women) chained in pits, and sending prisoners they didn't like through mine fields, shooting their rifles to spur them on, killing them.

What Ukraine is seeing isn't just the resurgence of fascism. It is the process of ponerization; the creation of a pathocracy, where psychopaths achieve positions of power, creating a system where more psychopaths are free to express their true nature at all levels of society. Particularly in armed conflict, this means things like what you can see described in the video above: torture, sadism, murder, debasement. The process of a total 'rebuilding' of worldview is described in detail in Dr. Andrew Lobaczewski's book on the subject: Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes.

The next video shows testimony from a woman, Alla Andreyevna Belousova, who had done humanitarian work delivering food to people in besieged cities. She also tells of being tortured, being called 'separatist scum', 'terrorist'. They offered another prisoner to rape her in order to secure release. She also tells of prisoners being branded, captors raping women, and cruel and sadistic methods of execution.