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One person is reported dead in an elephant attack at a town in the Garu Tempane District of the Upper East region.

The animals numbering about eight were said to have attacked Nate township Friday morning and destroyed farms in the area.

The Presiding Member of the Garu Tempane District Assembly, Mr Dahamani Alaal confirming the story told Graphic Online that police personnel have been deployed to the town to drive the animals away.

The elephants were said to have strayed into the area and initially did not disturb anyone.

Residents were said to have gathered and were watching the animals whilst some took pictures.

Two people on a motor bike passed by them (elephants) and the noise from the bike was said to have scared the elephants and resulted in the attack.

They first attacked the two on the motor bike and killed the pillion rider.

The rider however escaped.

An eyewitness earlier told Accra based radio station, Joy FM that they woke up Friday morning to discover that there were elephants around them.