The US-backed coup d'état in Ukraine during Olympic Games earlier this year wasn't the first blatant attempt in recent years to attack Russia while the world's attention was focused elsewhere. The following Russian documentary exposes the truth about the '08.08.08 war'.

6 years ago today, Washington's puppet regime in Georgia, led by the psychopathic Mikheil Saakashvili, launched unprovoked attacks against civilian targets in the disputed territory of South Ossetia. Western media didn't pay the slightest bit of attention until Russian tanks entered South Ossetia and forced the Georgians back to Tbilisi, at which point it became a major media event and the false official narrative that 'Georgia attacked by Russia' was established and has endured to this day.

As this documentary shows, Georgia in fact attacked Russia, and did so with the help of NATO military personnel, NATO weapons and equipment, NATO 'counter-terrorism' training, and a green light from Washington. In fact, fighters from the Ukrainian National Defense Forces (UNA-UNSO), set up by NATO, supplied snipers and other military personnel, the same organization that would later become instrumental in orchestrating the coup d'etat in Kiev and today's bloodshed against ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine.

Also available to watch on YouTube.

Check out the documentary producers' website to learn more about the film, and to watch it in German, Russian or Spanish.