Latest reports from Ukraine indicate that the Kiev junta has begun forceful mobilization of all men from 18-60 years of age. Everyday more and more families receiving draft notices. Young men are being abducted on streets or on trains and are being taken away by force. They are being rounded up and loaded on trucks bound for the country's restive Eastern parts, like cattle to slaughter.

The situation appears to be very serious indeed:
Army mobilization raids on men are being conducted in Charkiv
31 July 2014

Six buses stopped today (July 30) in Lyubotin at the supermarket "ATB", one and a half dozen men in masks with automatic weapons got out of them and entered the supermarket, after a while they led out all males at the age of 18 to 60, put them into buses and went away in unknown direction.

In the evening, three hours ago at the tram station "Salut" armed men picked up a few guys who were waiting for a tram.

Yesterday on a beach in Bezludovka they took all the men, dressed in only their swimming trunks, and a few fishermen were also taken to the military enlistment office.

It was also reported that they are going to fully close the border with Russia on 5th August: nobody will be able to leave the country. 3,000 National Guard fighters are expected to arrive soon in Charkiv to ensure general mobilization.

Each district is given the order to allocate a certain number of wheeled vehicles and to refuel them.

According to the order of the Ukrainian Army, 10,000 men should be mobilized in Charkiv.

It is assumed that two or three armed National Guard fighters, a representative of the police department and a military enlistment officer will visit randomly reservists and selectees at the age of 18 to 60, and pick them up right out of their apartments and enlist them without any medical examination.
Many businesses received letters like the following, which basically says that the Ukrainian army is planning to increase its numbers, and for the sake of "keeping better records", anyone eligible for military service (men until the age of 60, women up to the age of 50) have to come to the personnel department and leave their military registration cards.
As if that wasn't already a dire enough situation, the Ukrainian army does not provide soldiers with even the most basic necessities, like food and water. Earlier this month wrote, that Ukrainian soldiers on the ground appear to doubt if the government is doing all it takes to provide for those it sends to the eastern breakaway republics.
"This is the armor our troops are using. This is the kind of junk they send us," says a Ukrainian National Guard soldier, demonstrating a bullet-proof breastplate with a bullet hole in it. [...]

People who have since then enrolled in the military entity appear to have expected better support from the government than what they've been receiving.

They show journalists sacks with mold-covered loaves of bread.

"We had to cut most of the bread from these eight loaves. They only have a small edible part in the middle, but there are a lot of people here," one of them says.

Some soldiers don't have even mold-covered bread and are forced to hunt for foxes, hedgehogs, frogs, and even vipers.

Soldiers were also left without food and water for weeks and had no choice but to ask for help from the very rebel militias they've been to kill. For doing so, they face the threat of being punished as traitors.

This is the price people of Ukraine have to pay for the Devil's contract their psychopathic leaders made with US, Israel, and co. This is 'freedom and democracy' in action. This is what fascism looks like.