Zbigniew Brzezinski
US foreign policy guru Zbigniew Brzezinski says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is isolating Israel and "endangering its longer-range future" by attacking the Gaza Strip.

President Barack Obama's foreign policy brain and former American national security advisor made the remarks in a recent interview with Fareed Zakaria on CNN.

Netanyahu has said that Israel's blitz on Gaza is a strategy to demilitarize the coastal territory, which has been under a heightened Israeli blockade since June 2007.

Brzezinski told the US broadcaster that Netanyahu's strategy will not succeed.

"I think he (Netanyahu) is making a very serious mistake. When Hamas, in effect, accepted the notion of participation in the Palestinian leadership it acknowledged the determination of that leadership to seek a peaceful solution from Israel - with Israel. That was a real option. They should have persisted in that," he said.

"Instead Netanyahu launched the campaign of defamation against Hamas, seized on the killing of three innocent Israeli kids to immediately charge Hamas with having done it without any evidence, and has used that to stir up public opinion in Israel in order to justify this attack on Gaza, which is so lethal," Brzezinski added.

"I think he is isolating Israel. He's endangering its longer-range future. And I think we ought to make it very clear that this is a course of action which we thoroughly disapprove and which we do not support and which may compel us and the rest of the international community to take some steps of legitimizing Palestinian aspirations perhaps in the UN," he stated.

After nearly three weeks of Israel's brutal offensive against the people of Gaza under the pretext of abduction of three Israeli teenagers by Hamas, the Israeli police on Friday acknowledged that the kidnappers were not acting under the orders of the Palestinian resistance movement.

Israeli Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld ruled out any links between the men responsible for the murdering of the three teenagers and Hamas, saying they are part of a "lone cell."

Israeli warplanes and tanks have been pounding numerous sites inside the Gaza Strip and killing innocent residents of the impoverished Palestinian enclave over the past 19 days.

Nearly 900 Palestinians have been killed and over 5,700 wounded since the Israeli military first launched its onslaught on the Palestinian enclave on July 8.

The United Nations says over 80 percent of the fatalities have been civilians, including more than 200 children.

In an interview with Press TV on July 10, international peace activist Sara Flounders said the Israeli aggression in Gaza is fully backed by the United States.

"The US is the main support of Israel and is totally behind this attack. Any attack from Israel would have been impossible without decades of US military, political, diplomatic, and economic support of Israel," Flounders said.

"And the Zionist policy -- its attack on the Palestinian people, its attack on the surrounding countries -- every part of that policy is the US policy to destabilize the region and an attempt to destroy the Palestinian people," she added.

"Not only is the US behind this, the US has denounced the unity government of the Palestinian people, between Fatah and Hamas -- a huge step forward -- and that's because US policy at every point, US corporate rule, is for divide and conquer," the activist noted.