© Wissam NassarThe mother of Hatem Salem, who was killed just for being a Palestinian, cries next to his body in Al-Shifa Hospital's morgue, July 9, 2014.
As attacks by Israeli forces on Gaza continue, the Palestinian people are braced for another hellish experience. Already exhausted by decades of brutal occupation and 'Operation Cast Lead' in 2009, 'Operation Pillar of Cloud' in 2012, and now 'Operation Protective Edge', 1.7 million Palestinians are trapped in the open-air prison of Gaza, from which there is no escape.

To date, over 100 Palestinians have been murdered and over 600 hundred injured in the current round of slaughter, most of them children, women and the elderly.

The cowardly Israelis are using drones to rack up yet more 'collateral damage'. To date no one has been killed by the fireworks aimed at Israeli settlements. Meanwhile, riots have erupted in the West Bank between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers.

Egypt has opened its border with Gaza to allow in the most severely wounded. Israeli has vowed it won't stop until Hamas stops igniting fireworks. Israel has promised more to come, and will respond to Hamas firework "with all the power" at its disposal.

Here's a recent report by Harry Fear for RT:

In a recent episode of RT's CrossTalk, it was left to Israeli supporter Dan Arbell to try to justify the unjustifiable - the murder of Palestinians in cold blood. No amount of facts presented by the two other guests, Norman Finkelstein and Mouin Rabbani, could bring Arbell around to objective reality.

Like a programmed robot spouting the usual Zionazi slogans, Arbell is unable to deal with facts, and persistently repeats the same psychopathic drivel we consistently see from those defending the atrocities perpetrated by Israel.

You'd never catch a discussion like this on BBC or CNN:

Regarding Israel's 'casus belli', there's no evidence whatsoever that Hamas was in any way involved in the kidnapping and murder of the three Israeli teenagers. In fact the Israeli government hid evidence about the murders, fabricated a story about their being kept hostage, and proceeded to once again turn Gaza into a mass graveyard. Joe Quinn already (un)covered this story in two recent articles, and explored the ultimate reason for this latest Israeli war crime - the Israeli government bombs Palestinians because it wants to finish the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian land:
Abducted Israeli teenagers found dead - A convenient development (for Israel)

Psychopathic 'Morality': The Truth Behind the Kidnapping and Murder of 3 Israeli Teens
Arbell's primary "defense" was that Israelis are terrified and terrorized by Palestinian rockets and that it's their right to fight back. Why then, if they're so terrified, are people in the nearby Israeli settlement of Sderot gathering on their lawn chairs to watch the massacre of Palestinians from the air, clapping every time a blast is heard?

Do you see any terror in their faces?

What about those Palestinian rockets then?

israelis clapping when blasts are heard in gaza