Killer soda.
Over the course of a decade, 60,000 women were studied to confirm the effects of aspartame on their system. Drinking diet soda that has been sweetened with aspartame has been linked with a 50 percent rise in death and a 30 percent rise in heart attacks. Sounds to me like drinking diet soda isn't so good for your health after all. Just because it has less calories, that doesn't mean it is actually good for you.

What are they doing about these findings?

In reality, the findings have already been hidden by giving the public a false explanation as to why diet drinks aren't really the cause of these risks. They claim that the drinks are simply correlated with all of the risks. One article on CNBC claimed that women who were drinking too many diet sodas were only trying to make up for all of their other unhealthy habits. Regardless of what they said, there wasn't any evidence that substantiated their claim.

Remember, any synthetic vitamin that correlates with an increase in your mortality is automatically deemed as causing the death. Correlation should only be constituted as the cause when scientists have said that it is.

Did you know that aspartame is actually considered a neurotoxin?

Scientists aren't willing to explore all of the evidence that shows just how much of a death risk aspartame really is. They figure that if they don't examine everything about the substance, they can't be held liable for any damage it causes. All too often, that is the case today. People want to ignore the serious issues in hopes that will make them go away.

Unfortunately, that isn't the case. Women are continuing to have problems because of this neurotoxin. The reason why so many have a 50 percent rise in their chance of dying isn't caused by their individual lifestyle choice. It is caused by what is contained in the diet sodas they are drinking. Here they are thinking they are doing something smart by limiting the amount of calories they take in, when actually they are making the situation worse.

Here is a fact that will gross you out: aspartame is actually made from bacteria feces that has been genetically engineered. Now, I don't know about you, but eating bacteria feces isn't at the top of my list. It isn't a real sugar. It is a chemical compound that was made inside of a lab. When the chemical is put into the diet soda, it ends up breaking down and forming methanol and formaldehyde.

During the digestion process, that formaldehyde ends up being oxidized and forms into a formic acid. For those who aren't aware, formic acid has caused toxicity in mammals. This toxic chemical is the one that ants secrete as one of their weapons of choice. Does this sound like something you want to put inside of your body? Most of us are going to be quick to answer with a resounding no.

Can aspartame cause neurological problems?

Of course, those who are in denial about all of the side effects of aspartame are going to tell you that it is harmless. You have probably heard those in support of genetically modified foods say the same thing. They don't feel there is an issue with GMOs. Others don't feel there is a problem with mercury.

If that's the case, why has aspartame been linked to headaches, blurred vision and neurological problems when the consumer repeatedly drank diet sodas? More than 90 different side effects are linked with the consumption of aspartame. Dizziness, headaches, seizures, vertigo, memory loss, loss of taste, hearing loss, numbness, depression, vision problems, irritability, rashes, insomnia and plenty of others are all linked to this one chemical.

By drinking diet sodas, you are essentially giving yourself a slow and painful death. Don't allow the neurotoxin to make you sick any longer. Do something about it today by switching the foods you eat and the beverages you drink to something healthier. You owe it to yourself to be here for as long as you can.