Officials were searching areas near Globe and Superior after agencies received calls Saturday night about an orange fireball that shot through the air and crashed to the ground.

Officials with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, the Pinal County Sheriff's Office and the Arizona Department of Public Safety said the agencies had been getting numerous calls from people reporting they'd seen a glowing ball streak across the sky.

DPS said they were checking the areas near State Route 87, Anthem and the Four Peaks.

A spokeswoman with the Pinal County Sheriff's Office said they had received reports of a fiery object being spotted east of the Superstition Mountains.

James, Sawtell, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service said meteors, commonly referred to as shooting stars, "can appear different colors and often appear bright and fiery. Sometimes they can appear very near when in reality they are hundreds of miles away."

Meteors are the "light phenomena which results when a meteoroid enters the earth's atmosphere and vaporizes," according to NASA.