These unsuspecting victims were caught on camera as they narrowly cheated death as the ground dramatically gave way beneath them

One minute, you're going about your daily business and the next, you're being sucked into a killer sinkhole.

These unsuspecting victims were caught on camera as they narrowly cheated death as the ground dramatically gave way beneath them.

Three cars were sent crashing into an enormous sinkhole in Chicago last November when the road gave way .

Miraculously only one driver suffered minor injuries during the jaw-dropping incident, as the vehicles were dragged into the monstrous hole.

A teenager talking on her mobile phone had to be rescued by firefighters after she plunged 20 feet into a sinkhole.

A street camera captured the terrifying moment this snow-covered pavement gave way in Corum, Turkey.

One student was injured when a large section of the walkway caved in, leaving people running for their lives.

Surprisingly, the other pedestrians - who were just inches away from the crater's edge - walked away unharmed.

In Asia, a kind-hearted boyfriend proved he was a true gentleman as he carried his girlfriend through this flooded street.

But the Romeo's actions backfired when the unsuspecting pair suddenly plunged down a deep sinkhole beneath the water's surface.

Pamela Knox was driving down a road in Toledo, Ohio, when she plunged into a 30ft wide sinkhole which suddenly opened up in front of her.

Emergency services saved her by lowering a ladder down the 10 foot hole for her to climb out.

This bizarre footage charts the 24-acre hole as it gradually consumes anything in its path - including entire trees.

The sinkhole appeared last August and has been swallowing up land in the area in Assumption Parish near Bayou Corne ever since.

There was an icy surprise in store for this unsuspecting pedestrian as he hurried down a snow covered street.

The man attempted to take a short cut over a snowy footpath but walked straight into a sinkhole beneath, leaving him up to his armpits in slush.

This female driver also got more than she bargained for when she ploughed her car straight into a sinkhole beneath a flooded street.

Onlookers watched in horror as the woman drove straight into the hole - mistaking it for a little bit of a puddle.

She eventually swam out of her car to safety.

A man in Brazil was driving in the city of Campo Grande when suddenly a sinkhole opened underneath.

The entire car was swallowed in under two minutes, but luckily the driver managed to get out in time.

Nobody rushed to help this young man after the muddy ground beneath him started swallowing him up.

The youngster tirelessly struggled to free himself from the swampy hole that suddenly appeared.

He eventually managed to drag himself to safety - at least his friend found the whole incident amusing.