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Women who drink a moderate amount of wine tend to have the best educations and healthier lifestyles.
Women who drank a glass of wine a week while pregnant had children who were more well adjusted than women who didn't drink at all, says a new study.

Researchers in Denmark looked at the drinking habits of 100,000 Danish moms-to-be between 1996 and 2002, reports the Express.

They asked 37,000 of those women about the behavior of their children, and found the kids were generally more emotionally stable and more well behaved.

Psychologist Janni Nicalsen with the University of Copenhagen explains, "it is a question of taking account of childhood related psychological factors like attachment between mother and child in this type of study."

Nicalsen warns this is not an invitation to pregnant women to start drinking.

Rather it seems to confirm that choices and habits of the mother have a huge influence over the children.

Women whe drank about a glass a week tend to be better educated and make healthier lifestyle decisions.

The study did only dealt with light drinkers, and did not examine the affects of heavy drinking on a child's emotional development.

Doctors warn that an excess of alcohol while pregnant can have dangerous consequences for the unborn child.