If you didn't receive all the Christmas packages you were expecting, try checking security camera,s because there might just be a neighborhood grinch on the loose.

'Tis the season when wannabe Grinches treat online deliveries to front porches like an open grab bag sort of buffet of unattended gifts. For example, two thieves in Utah were caught on surveillance tape casually strolling away with more than a half dozen packages that had just been delivered.

In Michigan, a thief in a less than stealth bright orange sweatshirt stole a teacher's Christmas gift to her students.

"Shame on him," teacher Amy Campbell said. "To come and not only take something that doesn't belong to him, but to steal from 60 kids!"

The Postal Service estimates 16.5 billion cards and packages will be shipped in the month before Christmas.

Gina Chau said she wondered why her order didn't show up as scheduled last Friday. Turns out a Grinch got to her front porch before she could.

"My heart just dropped," Chau told ABC News after she reviewed her home surveillance cameras.

Chau's order was stolen despite having a clearly visible surveillance camera over her front door.

"And you'd think she would turn around, go back to her car," Chau said, referencing the thief. "She still took that chance."

Perhaps he lowest of the low actually struck before the holidays when a man sent a toddler to snatch a package from a porch. Once the little girl delivered the box, the man placed both stolen loot and child in the same stroller before making a getaway.

Video here.