Scientists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle have made a "new" (and completely unsurprising) discovery: chemotherapy, used to treat cancer patients, can actually cause cancer. "Our results indicate that damage responses in benign cells... may directly contribute to enhanced tumor growth kinetics," the team wrote. This is an important blow to dangerous, ineffective cancer treatments and a good step forward for alternative medicine.

Why Did Such an Obvious Discovery Take So Long?

It's a mystery why it's taken scientists decades to discover what common sense would dictate from the beginning. Chemotherapy kills healthy cells.

Well, of course. It's poison.

Here's how chemotherapy works:

Normally, cells divide and make exact copies of themselves. This repeats until the necessary cells have been produced. In cancer, cells continue reproducing again and again until there are simply too many cells. These cells eventually build up into a tumor.

Chemotherapy attacks reproducing cells - healthy and cancerous. Chemo doesn't discriminate, it just destroys. And, of course, this hasn't been a secret from medical professionals at all.

Just read their own websites. According to,
Chemotherapy drugs cannot tell the difference between reproducing cells of normal tissues (those that are replacing worn-out normal cells) and cancer cells. This means normal cells are damaged and this results in side effects.
Again, this is further evidence even big medicine has known just how deadly chemo is, and yet it's still the top treatment for cancer.

Natural Alternatives to Chemotherapy

It's a wonder why scientists continue to use such a painful, marginally effective and potentially deadly treatment like chemotherapy when natural medicine has had cancer treatment solutions since the beginning.

At Underground Health, we've covered a lot of alternative cancer prevention therapies treatments in the past. Not only do these treatments work, they also don't have the same deadly side effects that chemotherapy does. Click on each link to learn more: Check out those links above to begin learning the truth about the FDA's "approved" cancer treatments and how they are actually dangerous, deadly, and not always effective.