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Fragments of the meteorite that hit 7-year-old Floridian Steven Lippard on the head Saturday
Loxahatchee, Florida - He's the walking, talking, living, breathing seven-year-old who just had a very close encounter with outer space and has the scars to prove it. Steven Lippard was playing in his family's drive way this past Saturday when his world was rocked... literally.

"My dad ran to the door and saw me bleeding from the head", said Steven.

So what left little Steven with a gash in his head seemingly from out of nowhere, at first there were a lot of theories.

"I was thinking it could be a golf ball or a bird of prey", said Steven's dad Wayne.

But in the end the answer was in the palm of their hand.

"At that point I was convinced my son was hit by a meteorite", added Wayne.

Yep, the space rocks found moments after Steven was left bleeding were taken to Florida Atlantic University where researchers confirm that the fragments meet all the criteria that make up a meteorite. The first thing they checked was the magnetic pull of the rocks...and that test along with others checked out.

The potentially rare rocks need a chemical test to confirm if indeed this is a meteorite. In the meantime this seven year old is looking forward to sharing this with his family... that is when he is much older.