Israeli commandos storm the Mavi Marmara in May 2010, killing 9 aid workers destined for besieged Gaza
On September 18th, the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise participated in protests against oil drilling activities by the Russian energy company Gazprom at the Prirazlomnaya oil rig in the Arctic Sea. Greenpeace opposes oil drilling in the Arctic on the grounds that oil drilling would cause damage to the delicate ecosystem and that there are no safety plans in place to prevent oil spills.

The crew of Arctic Sunrise circled the oil rig, while three crew attempted to board the platform. In response, the Russian Coast Guard boarded the ship from a helicopter and arrested everyone onboard. Last week, Greenpeace released footage of the military raid:

30 Greenpeace activists were arrested, none of whom suffered any physical harm during the incident. They have since been detained and are awaiting court procedings. The Russian action was heavily criticised in the West, where it was used to once again demonise the Russians and show how barbaric and uncivilised they are.

The boarding of the Arctic Sunrise, and the subsequent media storm, reminded me of another ship that was boarded three years ago - the Mavi Marmara. This incident took place on May 31st, 2010 in international waters off the Easter Mediterranean coast. Below is some footage from the scene:

On this occasion, Israeli commandos boarded the ship in the dark of night and left behind a scene of carnage, with 9 dead and 50 injured. The Israelis jammed all electronic communications and seized most cameras, so the only version that came out via global media was the sanitized Israeli version, recounting how peaceful Israeli soldiers had been confronted by armed activists and were 'only defending themselves', something that we quickly learned was a complete lie. International outrage and near-unanimous condemnation followed. Obama, of course, took Israel's side and blamed 'the Gazan situation' instead of confronting the Israelis, despite the fact that they had killed a U.S. citizen.

Not only was Israel not depicted as the callous, brutal and uncivilised nation it actually is, a UN report on the Mavi Marmara incident even used findings from Israel's own 'investigation' into the incident and concluded that Israel was the white sheep 'defending itself' from unarmed, voluntary, international aid workers, and apparently wasn't in the least bit curious to learn why only activists died or why the raid occurred in the dark of night.

If you can't remember any expressions of outrage from the Dutch or British governments to the unprovoked Israeli raid, that's because there were none.

And yet when it comes to the 'barbaric', 'uncivilised' raid by those dark Russians, who in recent times have spoiled many a good potential war, then phony outbursts of 'righteous' outrage are of course sanctioned. It doesn't matter that the Greenpeace activists were well-treated rather than shot to death or dragged to jail cells for enhanced interrogation without medical care, food or water. The point is; it's Russia, the 'bad guys', right?

Google Greenpeace and Mavi Marmara and you will find nothing. Greenpeace is not interested in human suffering, although it should be obvious that human suffering and a rape-and-pillage mentality towards the Earth's resources have the same roots in a ponerized world ruled by psychopaths.

Do you spot the hypocrisy?