Obama is my homeboy
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I'd like to direct these words to my fellow black people. (This, by no means, excludes non-blacks so feel free to read on cause this definitely affects you too.) Specifically those of you who remain spellbound by the POTUS. Looking back to 2008, I can remember the cheshire cat smiles, the secret, gloating conversations away from the ears of white folks, the misplaced sense of pride when Obama took to the podium and gave one of his erudite and articulate speeches. Older black men -- Dad, this includes you -- who looked dreamily into space saying, "I never thought it would happen in my lifetime...." It was as if Uncle Sam himself kissed the boo-boo of 400 years of slavery, jim crow segregation, lynchings and rampant discrimination, wrapped it in a bandage and gently swatted us all on our collective butts urging us back outside to play cause it'll all get better.

There was so much talk about how cool Obama was, how he had "swag". Besides being an actual black person, he was way cooler than our ostensible first black president, Bill Clinton, when he got down on the saxaphone on the Arsenio Hall show. Then there was Obama showing off his super smoothe dance moves with Ellen, playing pick up basketball games and wonder of wonders, crooning an Al Green tune at the Apollo!

Are you too blinded by the blackness to notice that interspersed with all this Super Soul Brother Number One activity there are some very nefarious deeds taking place?

Didja notice that Guantanamo Bay, the very prison that Obama pledged to close before he was elected, is still up and running? The medical and military staff have the green light to torture the prisoners who are being held there without charge.

Didja notice that Obama signed the NDAA which gives the government the right to indefinitely detain American citizens suspected of so-called terrorism without due process of law or charges filed against them? The law also overturns the Posse Comitatus Act which forbids military personnel from policing private citizens. (However, there's no need to worry because Obama claimed to feel a little conflicted about it and pledged not to use it against Americans.) He probabaly took a break from perusing his kill list and went ahead and signed it anyway.

Didja notice that while Obama was campaigning he was all for the labeling of GMO's...but then he went ahead and signed the Monsanto Protection Act anyway? This act gives Monsanto the right to grow and thereby distribute genetically modified crops against all the evidence of how damaging they are to human beings and no one -- not the FDA nor the USDA -- can stop them. Oh, and Obama also appointed a former Monsanto lobbyist as the deputy commissioner for foods at USDA which is certainly convenient. Meanwhile, he and Michele keep their own organic garden at the White House.

Didja know that Obama authorized overseas drone strikes that have killed and injured thousands of people including children? And if that's not enough the military can conduct a 'double tap' where they strike the same area just as rescue personnel arrive at the scene. The prez even bragged to one of his aides that he's "really good at killing people." Thanks for keeping it real, Barry Soetoro.

Obama game of drones
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Is this the behavior of a Super Soul Brother Number One? Martin Luther King was surely spinning in his grave when he was lovingly compared to this imposter.

I can hear the arguments now: You can't expect Obama to be able to clean up all the mess from the Bush years; Obama can't police everyone in his administration; There's too much bipartisan bickering to get anything done; His critics are just racists and ridicule everything he does; Obama has to play nice and just do what he can or there'll never be another black president again. These are all red herrings. They're distractions to keep people busy while the elite are making off in the getaway car. Obama is responsible. And guess what? If you voted for him, support his policies and continue to give him his props in the face of all evidence to the contrary, you are too.

People I know are still blinded by the blackness. Recently, when discussing Obama's drone strike atrocities a friend nodded in agreement at the horror of it all then said, "but I still like him (and she meant that in a hubba-hubba kind of way)." After pausing to wrap my head around the complete thickheadedness of it I said, "So, murderers are attractive to you then?" Crickets. I guess as long as it's not your house being 'double-tapped' it's all good in the neighborhood.

Another friend expressed his displeasure with the commander in chief. Oh great, I thought, someone who can see through the facade. Turns out he was just upset because Obama hadn't populated his cabinet with enough black people. Obama's cabinet could be the political equivalent of Soul Train but it still doesn't change the fact that he is not a man for the people. Never has been. Never will be.

And speaking of soul, there's a high probability that the CEO of the USA does not have one. See, there's this little subset of humanity called psychopaths. It's estimated that they comprise about 6% of the global population. Psychopaths are incapable of feeling empathy or compassion for others. They lust for power over others and often rise to high positions. Essentially, they rule the world. They can be very charming. They can be expert liars. They can be well spoken with the gift of gab. They can destroy a whole village with a drone strike and not lose one wink of sleep over it. Now, I'm not saying that Obama is definitely a psychopath... but the evidence is compelling. His blackness is obviously irrelevant to his functioning as America's leader. See, it was never a matter of 'us and them'. The only true division regarding humanity has nothing to do with race. It's about psychopaths versus normal people with conscience.

Blinders still on? Is Obama working your nerves just a little bit? Is there even the slightest, niggling doubt that Obama is not the black messiah he was trumped up to be? As Obama is slithering his way through his second term in office are you feeling any HOPE? Experiencing any CHANGE? Nobody even caught a glimpse of their 40 acres and a mule. Everybody is struggling just as much -- if not more -- as they were when President Obama took office. (And just wait until that colossal wallet-gouging scheme that is ObamaCare kicks in and adds one more bill to the pile.) Historically, it's never been a hard task to convince people of color that politicians don't work in their best interests. I suppose that picturing a black man who wasn't relegated to the kitchen of the White House was enough to cause one hell of an about-face on that issue.

So, to paraphrase a true man for the people, Martin Luther King: Don't judge a man by the color of his skin but by the content of his character. Barack Obama is just another puppet of the elites wrapped in an Al Green crooning, hoop shooting, move-busting, drone-striking, Wall Street ass-kissing, Monsanto-loving, kill list-having, torture-dealing, wire-tapping, neat, brown package.

Peace out.