© Alex Wong/Getty ImagesPolice State: Civilian employees at the Washington Navy Yard are frog-marched out of a building with their hands up following the mass shooting in Washington, D.C. on September 16, 2013
Yet another apparently motiveless massacre has taken place in the U.S., this time in the nation's capital.

It's 16th mass shooting in the U.S. since Obama came to power.

Once again, the initial reports described 'multiple shooters'. Once again, those reports were replaced by 'the lone shooter' narrative, this time a former U.S. Navy reservist named Aaron Alexis.

So, did he just snap and 'go postal'? Given the increasingly stressful financial, social and environmental conditions most of us find ourselves living under, that may well be what happened here.

But it's also worth asking: was Alexis another mind-controlled dupe?

We know that mind control is not science fiction; it's fact. Techniques for manipulating people to undertake horrific acts they would not ordinarily do were perfected by the U.S. government decades ago.

But why would the U.S. government, or any government for that matter, carry out such macabre schemes?

Well, if you generate enough fear, you can get people to accept almost anything.

There's a slight problem with this strategy, however, a problem that could spoil all their best-laid plans.

Let me try to explain...