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Disco: The corn snake was found in Dumfries on Tuesday night.
A snake was handed into a nightclub after being found slithering along a street.

The animal, which has been nicknamed Disco by Scottish SPCA workers, was found in Friars Vennel in Dumfries.

A man who discovered the cornsnake alerted bar staff at Chancers in nearby Munches Street on Tuesday night.

Staff at the club contained the snake in a jug before taking him to a nearby police station in the early hours of Wednesday.

The Scottish SPCA rescued the 14in long snake and are appealing for his owner to come forward.

Inspector Janet Proudlock said: "Disco is just a youngster who still has quite a bit of growing to do. This means that it would be very easy for him to squeeze through even the tiniest gap in his vivarium and cornsnakes are notorious for being excellent escape artists.

"We'd like to think that someone is missing Disco as he's in good overall condition, however, we do have to consider the possibility that he may have been abandoned.

"Cornsnakes are harmless, popular pet snakes, but we don't often hear of them turning up at nightclubs. He's certainly none the worse for his night out on the tiles, but we're sure he'd much rather be chilling out at home."

Anyone with information is asked to contact the animal welfare charity on 03000 999 999.