Aldo Moro, Italy's JFK
Fascinating documentary (an episode in an incredible eight part series on political assassinations) on the 'deep state' execution of the progressive politician and former Prime Minister of Italy in the 1960s. On the surface it appeared Aldo Moro was kidnapped and killed by ultra-leftist urban guerilla group the Red Brigades, but scratch the surface and we find an unholy alliance of fascistic forces that were involved in the kidnapping.

This included the ultra-right masonic P2 lodge, Italian state and military intelligence structures as well as American CIA and British MI6 involvement through the NATO 'Gladio' stay-behind networks who had spent the 50s, 60s and 70s executing false-flag terrorist outrages and then blaming them on the left.

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As the documentary ably shows, there is always a reason why an assassination occurs at a specific time. JFK was about to bring the "special advisers" home from Vietnam and more importantly, was about to "smash the CIA into a thousand pieces" when he was executed as he was driven into a military-style triangulated killing zone. Likewise RFK was executed by a shot 1-3 inches from the back of his head fired at an upwards angle (Sirhan Sirhan was, according to every witness, at all times in front of RFK) at the very moment when it looked like he would take the 1968 election and enact his pledge to end the Vietnam war and no doubt re-open an inquiry into the assassination of his brother.

And so it was on the day Aldo Moro was about to sign a historical power-sharing agreement in the Italian Parliament between his Christian Democrat Party and the non-Soviet aligned Italian Communist Party, he was kidnapped in a military-style ambush by the Red Brigades.

However this was not the original Red Brigades, the founders had all been conveniently arrested and jailed, this was the so-called "2nd generation" Red Brigade who were in reality a pseudo-gang engaged in synthetic terror on behalf of the Italian, British and American governments, their intelligence agencies and their military elites through NATO.

For years there was very little confirmation of the role of the CIA and American deep state in the kidnapping and death of Aldo Morro (though the threat on the life of Aldo Moro by war criminal Henry Kissinger which is discussed in this documentary, was widely assumed to be more than just idle political posturing) and then in 2008, a former US envoy to Italy admitted in the book 'We Killed Aldo Moro' that he was part of the 'crisis committee' mentioned in the documentary headed by then Interior Minister Francesco Cossiga and he definitely states that Aldo Moro was consciously 'sacrificed' to ensure the 'stability' of Italy.

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