Lucy Watkins, 14, was admiring the dolphin with her family in Devon

Mammal jumped out of the water and placed fish near to the teenager

At first they didn't know whether to take the cod but dolphin reappeared with its own dinner - a seabass

The family gratefully scooped up the cod and took it home for tea

A family watching a dolphin from their boat were shocked when it dropped them off a cod supper for dinner.

The group were enjoying watching the mammal frolic in the water when it suddenly dived down and caught the cod before placing it near to Lucy Watkins, 14.

The dolphin then then resurfaced and began nudging the fish towards the stunned teenager.


Fish supper: Lucy Watkins proudly holds the 10lb cod given to her by a friendly dolphin off Combe Martin in Devon
Lucy and her grandparents wondered whether they should pick up the fish in case the dolphin wanted it for tea.

But the dolphin then appeared seconds later with his own fish, this time a seabass, and began tucking in.

The family gratefully scooped up the cod, which weighed a massive 10lbs, before taking it home to
nearby Combs Martin in Devon to cook for their dinner.

Lucy said: 'He definitely wanted me to have his fish. He first dropped it 20ft away but then pushed it to within 5ft of my kayak.

'Everyone was watching on the beach and we caused quite a stir when we paddled in with the cod.'

Grandmother Nina added: 'It was as if he was saying to Lucy "Don't worry, now I've got a fish to play with and so have you. This is mine for my tea, you have that one for yours."

'He was just so playful and content to be around us. Lucy was dangling her fingers in the water and he seemed to be attracted by that.


Just call me Dave: A photo of the dolphin which is making waves with locals in Combe Martin
'If I hadn't seen it myself I'd never have believed it. My theory is that he was lonely and wanted human company. He was with us for about two hours.

'It seemed rude to refuse him so we took the fish and had cod and chips for supper.

'It was massive - I've still got half in the freezer.'

Lucy was paddling off Combe Martin Bay with Mike and Nina, both, 52, when they encountered the dolphin.

The animal has become so popular with locals who have christened him Dave.

Nina, a swimming club coach, said the July 25 sighting was the highlight of Lucy's school holidays.

She said: 'We feel so privileged to have been there. Lucy loves dolphins and has always wanted to
swim with them.

'Well she didn't get to swim with this one, but it is the first time she has seen one out of captivity.

'With the crystal clear water, it was such an experience.'

A spokesman for Whale and Dolphin Conservation said: 'This is a very interesting account.

'There are many examples worldwide of dolphins interacting with humans. We would just make our
usual appeal for people to generally keep their distance.

'Dolphins can sometimes become distracted by humans, lose their awareness of nearby motor boats and sustain injuries.'