The Hollande govt: 'Do as we say, not as we do'
A former official with Swiss bank Reyl et Cie who claimed he knew of 15 French politicians and "big names" with undeclared bank accounts in Switzerland said Wednesday he had submitted the list to investigators.

Pierre Condamin-Gerbier was a witness before a parliamentary commission investigating former budget minister Jerome Cahuzac, who resigned in disgrace in March over an undeclared foreign bank account said to contain around 600,000 euros ($770,000).

Cahuzac is now facing charges of tax fraud.

"The list and information were transmitted yesterday to French justice," Condamin-Gerbier, who worked at Reyl et Cie between 2006 and 2010, told the commission.

He had earlier said the list contained a number of well-known names. "I can simply say that very big names in French politics figure on this list, people whose faces we are used to seeing on television.

These are personalities far better known to the public than Cahuzac," he told newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche last month.

Condamin-Gerbier has also said the family of a serving minister had funds in Switzerland for several years.