In the trenches: The British couple had to call the tow truck before they could continue their holiday. - They are not so used to driving on this road conditions, says Morten Hansen from Traffic surveillance. There have been no reports of other accidents associated with snowfall.
Snow fell on highway 7 over Hardangervidda on Saturday, but the snow plow came too late for this British couple.

- They had not driven more than 400 meters before they ended up in the ditch, says Kari Varberg (50), who owns and operates Dyranut Fjellstov

She sat at the breakfast table when it started snowing on Saturday morning.

Shortly after, she was called upon to take care of the two British campers who ended up in the ditch.

- They had woken up and seen that it was snowing, so they wanted to get out quickly on the fells, she says.

About the same time that she had picked them up and brought them back to the lodge, the rescue vehicle came.

As long Varberg can remember, there has not been snow on the mountain lodge at the end of June.

The lodge is situated on the highest point on highway 7

Drive Carefully

Security Operator Morten Hansen at the Traffic surveillance reported on slush and snowy roads at 800 meters on the Hardangervidda Saturday morning.
IN WHITE: Saturday morning it snowed on Maurset in Eidfjord! This photo was taken a few miles from Vøringsfoss at Sysendammen, Saturday at 10.40am
At 11 o'clock there was a snow plow in place to scrape the road from Sysendammen to Haugastøl.

- It was slippery up there, but it has been scraped off, and now it will be better temperature-wise. I think it's going to be alright now, says Hansen at 11:50.

He asks people to check the conditions on the 40-meter-long stretch that is now cleared.

- People do not bring snow tires to the lodge, when we get bad conditions they must wait throughout the day. There's no need for anyone to take unnecessary risks.

Almost below freezing

A BT reader says that the thermometer went down to zero, while it was snowing outside the cottage.

- We have a station at Finse, where the temperature is 0.9 degrees, says Halldis Berge, the local meteorologist.

- How is the weather on the Hardangervidda?

- Saturday may get more snow, possibly sleet. This will last the day. In the night, we're looking at the same situation, and Sunday the temperature will rise, says Berge.

Snow record last year

According [Norwegian met office] it should have rained on Saturday morning with temperatures around 5 degrees Celsius. It didn't turn out that way.

Last year at this time, there was record snow in the western mountains. Not since NVE measurements began in 1971 has more snow been registered midway through June.

This year is different - a month ago NVE notified about abnormally little snow in the Norwegian mountains