oregon fireball
© Babyboy5880 on YouTube.com/CJ Shaw
CJ Shaw captured this image on video, He says it was "shot above Keizer, Oregon on June 15th, 2013 around 11:10 p.m., give or take a few minutes." The sighting was confirmed by OMSI Sunday. Shaw's video was edited using Sony Vegas Pro 12, "only raising [the] brightness/contrast levels and zoom[ing] in using crop/pan," he said in his YouTube post.
A flaming meteor in the night sky could be seen in Oregon - with reported sightings from Marion to Washington counties - Saturday night.

Note that it's the white orb to the left of the larger light, which is a street light.

OMSI Planetarium Manager Jim Todd told KOIN 6 News the meteor was a combination of a "fireball and space junk."

Todd said the fireball was visible for 7 seconds. He described it as being "a minus 10 on the brightness scale," which according to the International Comet Quarterly is nearly as bright as the full moon.

A Keizer man captured the meteor on video Saturday night.