The recent weather in Germany indicates everything but global warming and widespread drought, which climate experts have been telling us would be the case unless we stopped burning fossil fuels fast.
Germany's Mean Temps
© Josef Kowatsch, data from German Weather Service
Germany’s mean temperature trend continues falling sharply (1998 – 2012). 2013 so far is well below normal.
Today the online Augsburger Allgemeine reports that the statistics for the 2013 German meteorological spring (March-April-May) have been 95% tabulated and show that this year's German spring is the "coldest in in decades". The Chiemgau24 news site reports that it is the coldest spring in 40 years.

This past weekend, snow even fell in parts of Germany at elevations down to 600 meters.

No reasons are cited as to why the spring 2013 is so cold. The Arctic is covered with ice and so it can't be an exposed Arctic sea disrupting atmospheric patterns.

Chiemgau24 writes (my emphasis):
March was too cold, April was a little warmer than normal, and May will likely wind up a little colder than normal. [...]

Five colder than normal winters in a row, the coldest March in decades (in the northeast in 130 years) and now the coldest spring in over 40 years...if that doesn't lead some climate experts to run out of arguments..."
The Chiemgau24 quotes meteorologist Dominik Jung concerning models:
'Here the long-term weather models from some international weather services had indicated a "warmer than average and sunny April and May". But we got just the opposite. On Sunday morning it even snowed again down to 600 meters elevation,' explained Meteorologist Dominik Jung of the weather portal

'Currently the mean temperature for spring 2013 (calculated from March 1 to May 25) is at 6.1°C. That's the coldest spring in decades. It's been more than 40 years since it's been that cold. In 1970 the average temperature for spring was only 6.0°C,' explains weather expert Jung."
This might be a good time for the German Weather Service to think about dropping it's long outdated temperature chart logo at the header of its website.