A meteor exploded over Japan terrifying dozens people in the early morning of May 6, 2013. An amateur photographer captured spectacular images of the blast which were then posted on the Internet.

The space rock disintegrated in the atmosphere releasing a noisy boom over Saitama Prefecture, near Tokyo. The celestial event took place at 3.58 a.m. local time and a video footage shows the meteor appearing as a fast moving fireball whose intensity gradually increases.

The first snaps were uploaded by an eyewitness on the blog Sonotaco.jp before spreading across the social networks.

Tokyo meteor
© Via YoutubeOn May 6, a fast meteor traced the sky of Saitama Prefecture near the capital of Tokyo releasing a bright glow.
tokyo meteor
© Via YoutubeJapan was visited by a space rock that burned above Saitama Prefecture before ending in a bright fireball and noisy sound