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A 6-year-old girl was shot by her 13-year-old brother in Oakland Park according to investigators.
A six-year-old Florida girl was in critical condition Sunday after being shot by her 13-year-old brother Saturday night in a city just north of Fort Lauderdale.

Neighbors said the two children were playing a game when the shooting occurred shortly before 7 p.m. Saturday in Oakland Park, a city in Broward Country.

"They were playing hide and go seek. I don't know how it went down but he shot his sister," said neighbor Peter Milano, who saw a frantic woman he thought was the children's aunt running down the block.

"She came up to me 'Is she ok? Is she ok?' At the time I didn't know what she was talking about," Milano said.

It's not clear if authorities will pursue criminal charges in the case. Detectives believe the shooting was accidental but were still trying to determine exactly how the teen got access to the gun. The children were home alone at the time of the incident, said Dani Moschella, a spokeswoman for the Broward Sheriff's Office.

Homicide detectives spent time talking with the 13-year-old. Neighbors said he drew pictures for investigators as he described what happened.

"The kid's probably, well, how could you feel, you just shot your sister?" Milano said.

Though detectives are specially trained to deal with the most sensitive situations, Moschella said the fact that two children are involved made this job that much more difficult.

"It is very difficult when dealing with children, specifically children who've been through a very traumatic situation," she said. "This family will never be the same after tonight, no matter how it ends up."

The 6-year-old is in critical condition at Broward Health Medical Center.