Weslaco - Experts say there has been an increase in the number of migratory birds falling from the sky in the region.

They said recent weather changes may be affecting the migrating species. Some residents reported finding dead birds in their yards.

"I heard the (bird) slam on the ground ... on the pavement," Norma Lopez said.

She found a second dead bird Monday morning.

"I didn't really get next to it or touch it, but I did see it open its mouth a few times. That was it," Lopez said. She said her friends in other Valley cities have witnessed the same phenomenon.

"I heard my friends had some outside their window. (I) also heard of another one in Brownsville," Lopez said.

Roy Rodriguez, a bird specialist at Bentsen State Park, said random bird deaths aren't new. Still, he said they are rare in the region.

"A fall out is a phenomenon where birds literally fall out of the sky after flying into a head wind," Rodriguez said.

Recent cold fronts and micro storms in the coast are making migration difficult for millions of birds, he said.

"They have to seek shelter and land. The first thing they do is head west," Rodriguez said.

Experts said another storm surge Monday could force more birds to fall out of the sky. They said people can help those birds. If the bird is breathing, place it in a box and let it rest.

"There is a lot of danger on the ground, especially from cats. Pick the bird up and put it in the box and let it rest," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said the bird should have water and food - like a piece of fruit. Bird seed is not recommended for exhausted birds.