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Contractors renovating old prison housing were left terrified when a break time dare turned into a brush with the paranormal, sending one worker running for his life. Luckily, he had a camera in hand.

When the duo of contractors picked up a job renovating an old building in Derby with a reputation for ghostly happenings, such as odd cold spots, mysteriously flickering lights, disembodied knocks, bumps, and the like (after all, the previous owner died in the home), it became a routine joke to challenge one another to a kind of "terror endurance" game. The two would dare one another to go into the basement, the source of the odd disturbances, and see how long they could last.

"See how long you can stay down there for," one contractor, Tom, says to the other.

"Ahh... no!" is the immediate response.

Well eventually, as tends to happen with dares, the taunted builder wound up in the basement with a camera phone in his hand. He lasted a full 30 seconds before witnessing an admittedly spooky sight, that of a "nude ghost", that sent him fleeing.

Tom posted the video online yesterday, sharing the footage and asking for an explanation.

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