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Over 350 sighting reports so far... This was a MAJOR meteor event, seen in at least 14 states!

22 March 2013 - Cliff Livesay, Sykesville, Maryland, USA @19:55
4 seconds duration. W-E direction. Bright white color. As bright as the Moon. I caught it from the corner of my eye out the window, watched it streak across and burn out.
22 March 2013 - Mark Nucker, Ellicot City, Maryland, USA @19:57
2-3 seconds duration. Moved from my left to right, north to east direction. Green-blue color, as bright as the moon. It moved quickly while descending.

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Here’s a heat map of the witness sightings for the March 22nd, 2013 Northeast Fireball.
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Here’s an estimated trajectory model for the meteor spotted in the northeast earlier tonight. This model is calculated by computing the intersection points of each witness with all other witnesses. These points are then averaged for the starting and ending points of the meteor. Click map below to view event sightings page.
22 March 2013 - Eric Schwartz, Middletown, Delaware USA 19:55
~2 seconds duration. N-E direction. I was facing NE. Multi-colored; aqua, orange, red. As bright as the moon. It seems like little flashes of light trailed off the main object, which disappeared after a couple of seconds. Cloudless conditions.
22 March 2013 - Stephen Clarksburg, MD, United States 7:56 PM EST
4 seconds duration. Southeast facing. White, yellow and orange. Huge, it was as bright as a full moon. One piece fell off. It looked like 20 times the size of a normal shooting star. Looked very close and had a very long tail.
22 March 2013 - Pankowski, Rockville, MD 19:54 (Eastern)
4-5 seconds duration. West to East direction (I was facing north). White with white then green tail. Same brightness as moon. Had a tail. Very bright, headed in a slight downward direction.
22 March 2013 - Jim Towson, MD, USA 20:50
4 seconds duration. I was facing northeast, it traveled from north to east. Green color with a yellow tail. It made no sound. At least as bright as the moon. Beautiful!
22 March 2013 - Lucas Springfield, VA 19:52 Eastern Time
8 secs duration. NNW to SSE direction. Blue color, no sound. A little brighter than a full moon.
22 March 2013 - M. laRoi, Mount Airy, MD 19:50
approx 10 + seconds duration. West to east direction. Bright white color, bright like a spotlight. Slight fragmentation. Just a bright meteor.
22 March 2013 - Aashima Kapoor, Melville, New York USA 19:58 EST
10 secs. duration. N-S direction. Burning blue and orange color. Same brightness as the moon. Slow moving across the sky.
22 March 2013 - Michael Norquist, Baltimore, MD 19:53
Duration 3-4 seconds. East to West. Green fireball with long white tail. As bright as the Sun. Large ball. Caught it at the very end of the descent but I must have been within 75-100 miles of it because it was very large and clear in color and form.
22 March 2013 - Andy Voyer, Maple Shade, New Jersey 19:50
3-5 seconds duration. In my view, I was facing NE. It traveled from N-S. Long tail, green in color. Brighter than the moon. It sparkled like parts falling off and burning up. Blew my mind.
22 March 2013 - Hank Schwedes, Delran, NJ 19:55
10 secs duration. W to E direction. White/yellow/green colors. No sound, as bright as the moon. It arced across sky until disappearing from view behind a building.
22 March 2013 - Martin Edison, New Jersey 19:48
2 secs. duration. West-East direction. It was blue/lilac and more bright than Venus. It eventually glowed and sounded like it exploded.
22 March 2013 - John, Westchester County, NY 19:55
4 secs. duration. East/West direction. Blue, Yellow, White. Very bright. Quite large, bright, like a firework.
22 March 2013 - Courtney, Blairstown 7:55 pm ET
7 seconds. Yellow and orange, brighter than the moon, had a fire trail. Was so close... it seemed closer than airplanes fly, and it lit up the whole sky.
22 March 2013 - J. Moore, Richmond, VA 20:00
Maybe 2 seconds duration, not sure. For me it was moving from left to right and heading down. It was very bright green, brighter than an airplane that is very close - as bright as the moon on a clear night. I've never seen anything like it - my husband and son were in the car behind me and the first thing they said when they got out was "did you see that????" It was amazing.
22 March 2013 - Errickson family, Changewater, NJ 20:00
~7secs duration. East. White, Orange, Yellow, Green. No sound. As bright as the moon. Looked like it had sparks at the end. I almost thought it was a really bright plane.
22 March 2013 - Bob Toms, River, NJ 7:28 pm EST
5-10 secs. West to east, no sound, the ground lit up. Meteor was turning yellow then red then broke up over the Atlantic like a lightning bolt. Fragmented into 4 or 5 a very big meteor before it broke up
22 March 2013 - Katherine Girona, Nutley, NJ USA 19:55 EDT
10 to 15 seconds. North to South, I was facing East. White ball with fiery tail. Same brightness as moon, there was a trail from the fireball. Saw event from parking lot... overhead toward Southeast
22 March 2013 - Jennifer Castleton, New York, USA 20:00 EST
4 seconds. Facing south, the fireball was seen travelling from right to left (west to east) White color. No sound, blindingly bright, like a firework, bigger than a street light. It fragmented into many separating "sparks". Biggest one I've ever seen!
22 March 2013 - Holden, Hagerstown, MD 19:55
4 to 5 seconds. Looking North East, it was traveling South. Light Blue/White in color. Streaking and then finally disintegrating into pieces Brighter than the moon but not enough to light up the sky. It lightly fragmented near the end of its visible path. Very clear view of the object.
22 March 2013 - Michelle Galperin, Garnet Valley, PA 8:00 pm
10 secs. South, left to right. Flash of light like a shooting star. As bright as the moon, it looked like a shooting star.
22 March 2013 - Mike, Dunellen, NJ EST 20:00
3 seconds. From directly above going South. White/green color, no sound. Brighter than Venus, it started with a very bright camera flash - the flash was so bright I thought there had been a nearby explosion.
22 March 2013 - David Hiergesell, Saint Leonard 19:58 EST
5 seconds. N-S, Left to Right. White to Yellow color. Very Fast and very bright for five seconds. It sounded like an airplane thirty seconds later. Way brighter than Venus. This was a biggie. Turned yellow and disintegrated. We saw this through the winter trees in our backyard. Very bright. Biggest I've ever seen. Was expecting a very loud noise. Came 30 seconds later. Looked like it was over the Chesapeake Bay from Saint Leonard MD. Could have been farther, but the lag time in sound would indicate closer I guess.
22 March 2013 - Dave, New York 19:52
W to E, I was facing South. White color. No sound. As bright as the moon. Beautiful.
22 March 2013 - Jackie Brown, Comruchmknd, VA 19:05
6-8 seconds left to right facing north brilliant green and white less than sun more than moon no looked fairly large
22 March 2013 - Frank Columbia,MD 19:45 EDT
5 sec N-S Bright White Moon, but smaller.
22 March 2013 - Anton Raguso, Herndon, VA, USA 18:05
1-3 seconds W-E green streak of light that flashed before disappearing very bright, moon not that I could see disappeared after it flashed
22 March 2013 - John Bisco, Bethlehem, PA 8:04pm
2 seconds W to e Yellow green white Moon Three fragments.
22 March 2013 - Pam Tauer, Glen Allen 20:00
5-6 seconds West to East Green Very bright, green North of Richmond
22 March 2013 - Jennifer Sumy, Adams, MA 19:52
10-15 secobds West to East green ball of light shooting across sky moon no moving really fast.. seemed to speed up
22 March 2013 - Cody, Fairfax, VA, USA 19:55
6 seconds Right to left E facing N Bright orange no sounds Bright as a bonfire from a distance Not visibly Looked low in the sky
22 March 2013 - Joshuski, Waterbury 20:00
10 seconds South White Red Yel Flashed Bright similar to Russian meter Flashed then went black and continued in the same trajectory
22 March 2013 - Sam Amling, Westminster, MD, USA 19:50
3 or 4 seconds facing NE? - appeared to move from N/ NE to SE color bright white, slight blue and orange - no sound very white bright - brighter than moon bright ball with tail - no fragments both wife & I saw while closing curtains - like a falling star only bigger and brighter - very pronounced, bright and quick
22 March 2013 - Alyssa Willis, Pikesville 19:45
5-10 seconds Facing north traveled left to right Didn't hear anything. Long blue streak with the front being bigger It was very bright No parts breaking apart No photo ... Too quick
22 March 2013 - Jennifer Jobstown, NJ, USA 7:56pm eastern time
3.5 seconds N-NE yellow, blue, red. sky lit up and ball shot across sky with very long tail for approx. 3-3.5 seconds Very bright behind it like a firework breaking up very close...I've seen shooting stars, this was extremely close.
22 March 2013 - Annalisa Philadelphia PA USA 20:06:00
3-4 seconds Left to Right; Northwest to Southeast White head, orange and green flecks in tail, some blue Very bright, brighter than/same as sun, almost like a welder's crescent Some debris seemed to be flecking off behind, a mostly contained but slightly messy tail Fairly slow moving, very bright, looked almost like a slow firework, sort of looked like burning magnesium
22 March 2013 - brian, victor reading pa 7:53:00
5 east blue/white very bright was a big ball with a long tail none was at a red light
22 March 2013 - Carly C Kevin M Clinton, CT 2000 Eastern Time
6 sec Facing W, Meteor traveling N to S Bright yellow, orange with pieces breaking off venus Yes Meteor had parts breaking off and appeared to burn up entirely
22 March 2013 - Adam Davis Seaford, Delaware 7:55 pm EST
2 to 3 seconds West to East, facing North Orange/White Moon Yes Like a fireball
22 March 2013 - Martin Juarez Bowie, MD 1950 EST
more than 10 seconds W to E light violet more than Venus yes. no photo
22 March 2013 - Donnelly Rotterdam, NY, USA 19:55:00
5 sec Right to left ( SE ) Towards Albany NY Green and Blue Bright as the moon Broke into 2 pieces No photo, too quick
22 March 2013 - Hillary Briarcliff Manor, NY, USA 20:00 EST
7 seconds from NW to SE white, then green, with red and green sparks between brightness of venus and moon yes! looked like an explosion kind of not really sure what this was!
22 March 2013 - Dawn Sykesville, MD, USA 7:45pm EST
5-6 sec We were headed North, fireball went left to right. Green at the front, white and yellow tail VERY bright. I thought a plane was on fire. Couldnt see well enough We were driving so it was hard to see behind some trees for the middle of it, but I slowed down in time to see it burn out.
22 March 2013 - Carol Wilson Alexandria 1955
7 seconds United States coming from NW Green ball with white tail moon only saw the object streaking Saw it streaking from NW direction while I was on phone with relative. Did not know if it was missile or meteor at time. Went outside to see if anyone was harmed and listened for ambulances or emergency vehicles. Did not hear of any other reports.
22 March 2013 - Jim Reston, VA 7;55 Pm EDT
8 seconds W to E Blue then green then white Venus No W from Dulles airport E
22 March 2013 - Charles Burke mont vernon nh around 2000 hrs (8pm EST, +/- 1-2 mins.)
5 to 7 seconds Right to left....facing southwest...low on horizon brilliant blue/gree very bright slightly, long streak, stop...then flash again most gorgeous green/blue brilliant color I've ever seen.....heard noise like jet plane....don't know if it was related......
22 March 2013 - Colin stopper Shelton, CT, USA 19:50 est
5 secs SSE Red, white, orange, blue when broken Brighter than Venus. Yes Observe when traveling south on Merritt parkway in southern CT.
22 March 2013 - Zoe North east Maryland USA 20:00 eastern USA
10 seconds North or north east, left to right White then blue then red with chunks Brighter than the moon Yes Was dim at first and slow, then sped up and turned red orange as it fell and we saw bits break off
22 March 2013 - Corey Thurmont, MD 20:00:00
5 seconds Traveling North on 15, crossed to the east Green/blue tail Bright at fireworks None seen It was AWESOME!!!
22 March 2013 - John Harris Egg harbor township nj usa 20:00:00
3 West to east Orange 3am Yes Long streak behind it
22 March 2013 - Paul K New Rochelle, NY USA 1952
5-7 seconds W to E in S sky Green object, lasted about 5 seconds, then faded out Very bright, more than moon and Venus. Less than Sun Yes. Almost appeared to be a firework breaking apart No photos collected
22 March 2013 - Dave Raleigh, NC USA 7:54 PM EST
3-4 seconds W to E along the North Horizon ended with a green tint very bright considering it was still twilight very few minor n/a
22 March 2013 - Heather Mahopac, NY, USA 1950 eastern
5 seconds North Green trail and very bright and low in sky Very bright No just burnt up Bright ball with green trail taill straight across the sky before it ended and disappeared.