Initial Sighting Reports

Event 1 - approx. 10:08 p.m. EST

19 March 2013 - Chelsea, Louisville, Kentucky, USA 10:15 p.m. EST
About 5-8 seconds duration. Northwest direction. Moved to my left. The color was ELECTRIC BABY BLUE. It appeared to almost weave in and out like a sewing needle through fabric, which could have appeared that way because of a cloud or something. It was fast but slower than a shooting star and more "blob" like in motion. I'd say it was as bright as the moon. Areas of the sky surrounding this appeared brighter, and it produced a sound like a passing F-117 nighthawk.
19 March 2013 - Malissa, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA 10:08pm EST
2-3 seconds duration. It moved form my right to left. It had a blue tint and was brighter than the moon. It was bright white with a blueish trail, bigger then a star.
19 March 2013 - Acamill, Bridgeville, Pennsylvannia, USA 22:08 EASTERN
4-5 seconds duration. North-Southeast direction. I was was facing West, it moved from my left to right. White color, as bright as Venus. The tail seemed to sparkle out a very long tail. and it was bright so the tail lasted.
Event 2 - approx. 21:05:00

19 March 2013 - Igor Fradlis, Woodmere, NY, USA 21:05
1 second flash, from West to East. I was facing North. White flash, then a boom after 10 seconds. Same brightness as the Sun. The boom was loud enough to be heard inside a car.