Recently, I've been reflecting on what all this bombardment of rocks from the heavens portends. Today I want to head down a different, but probably related, path.

I'm going to ask you to just bear with me as we go through this. There will be a lot of questions popping up, but I'm going to start with several core assumptions for this story.
  • Assumption number one: there is a God.
  • Another assumption: this God is best represented by certain types of people.
  • Another assumption: since people cannot know anything for sure, they must have faith that these representatives can stand in for the all-knowing power of God. These champions therefore best represent humanity and are above the law because of their intimate association with God.
What's with all these assumptions? Well, I'm just venturing into bizzaro world for a minute, to see what it must be like to live there.

Let's begin with the Pope. The Pope is a well known pedophile sympathizer whose 'sacred city' - the Vatican, planted on Earth by God - serves to protect men who hunger for children's bodies and souls. Is this the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus spoke of, where people who torture children physically, sexually, and emotionally, and those who protect them, are offered holy sanctuary?

What generally happens when people like the Lakota, the Palestinians, the Africans, the Yemenis, the Guatemalans, the Kurds, and many other groups make pleas for safe harbor, is that they are hunted down and killed. Are we to understand that God's representatives' silence of these peoples' plights means that these people don't deserve to exist? Through God's silence, the people of the world don't have to listen to their wails of anguish. Instead, they emulate the pedophile's champion - the Pope - cloaked in his robe of holiness. So, the logic must go, the pedophile's champion is God's champion is our champion. We should emulate them.
"His continued presence in the Vatican is necessary, otherwise he might be defenseless. He wouldn't have his immunity, his prerogatives, his security, if he is anywhere else," said one Vatican official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"It is absolutely necessary" that he stays in the Vatican, said the source, adding that Benedict should have a "dignified existence" in his remaining years.


"Documents from the 1980s have been unearthed which conclusively show Archbishop Roger M. Mahony purposefully and intentionally worked to cover-up the sexual abuses of children. Due to this vile revelation the public has scorned Mahony, to which he says he forgives them for their anger. How generous of him."
This same God has other 'holy places', like Israel. The prison city of Palestine was given to it by God in order for Israel to have as many moving targets as it would need, whenever it needed them. It is Israel's ant colony; their magnifying glasses (drones) moving over the charred remains of children, women, men, hospitals and schools. This giant shooting range serves to hone their ability to kill without mercy and without thought. Their leaders want it to be so, to psychologically train their people to seek power over others by shooting humans in a barrel. Thus, God wants it to be so.

So, with centuries of suffering crystallizing the Jewish identity of being Chosen, usually due to the bizarre machinations of their leaders, is it any wonder why they now emulate them? In the end their leaders profit from this victimhood. By extension then, God does too. Their bizarre stranglehold over American politics and their ability to wage war, both through deception and in cold blood, results in power. For many who look back on the great ship of human history and see the river of blood that flows in its wake, this power must feel euphoric every once in a while. Or all the time. Methamphetamine does too. And the results are similar. God's plan all along was to get us high on blood.
The Israeli veterans' organization Breaking The Silence has documented numerous confessions over the last nine years.

These shocking admissions from Israeli soldiers document the maltreatment of Palestinians under Israeli occupation. The confessions prove that the immoral behavior seen in the disturbing images posted on Israeli soldiers' Instagram accounts, as revealed by The Electronic Intifada's Ali Abunimah, are not the case of a few bad apples.

In response to the question why a soldier comes and takes pictures of "his commander beating up an Arab," the sergeant replies:
It's a game, like getting pictures taken with a woman's underwear and bra (the witness told about such an incident at a Palestinian home in the Ramallah area, earlier in the interview). So that's how it is...
Iraq and Afghanistan, I mean Yemen and Pakistan, I mean... well, the entire world-battleground serves similar purposes for America, but America has a slightly different history. After centuries of multi-culturalism, it certainly does not have a solid ethnic identity. And that makes some people angry. It makes God angry. So God has a plan for Christians in the United States. It might be the other way around, depending on whether you have a bad attitude or not. The rallying cry of the Dominionists, the Christian Right, the Religious Right or whatever you want to call them, is this: "this is a Christian nation". Many of their followers are hell-bent on reclaiming an identity for this country, and 'Christian' is of course the way to go.

The powerful for-profit prison industry has teamed up with the secretive, 'war through deception' Religious Right to both secure a steady flow of inmates and to indoctrinate these inmates with the 'Christian nation' attitude. Does it work? Did the Inquisition (minus the torture, for now) work? I'm sure they just share Footprints stories and recite the serenity prayer. In a world where social services are continually being cut, this movement has a wonderful chance to step in and play good cop. After all, they're filthy rich because God loves them. And they're able to buy people with all of this money, crowd them into jails, and proselytize for the glory of the Lord. It's kind of like shooting humans in a barrel. Sounds good.

With the US government allowing for the indefinite detention and even outright murder of anyone the world over for whatever reason, it sure would be nice if the next president were an evangelical Christian. Just imagine what kind of glorious deeds he or she could do to glorify God. Until then, Obama has seen fit to make sure that, in the eyes of God, he will be judged righteous.
Based on interviews with witnesses, victims and experts, the report accuses the CIA of "double-striking" a target, moments after the initial hit, thereby killing first responders.

It also highlights harm "beyond death and physical injury," publishing accounts of psychological trauma experienced by people living in Pakistan's tribal northwest region, who it says hear drones hover 24 hours a day.
I can hear it, can you?... "God will know his own".

And so these are the representatives of God. These are the people we have chosen, in one way or another, to represent us. Walking around in this crazy world, I sometimes catch myself wondering if God actually likes these people. With the way they treat us, he... I'm sorry, 'He', must hate us. But there's so many of us normal types. Or at least there used to be. I just wonder, that's all.